TSportline Introduces World’s First Aftermarket Tesla Model S Sport Package – Video


“Tesla Motors has created an amazing pallet with the new Model S that allowed us to create a “sports package” that improves the current look of the vehicle. The carbon fiber sports package consists of a front apron that completely replaces the existing factory part. Our trunk wing extends to the end of each side of the trunk hatch and further extends the ducktail look of the trunk hatch. To complete the new look, we created a replacement diffuser and center diffuser (chrome piece) in the lower part of the rear bumper. By creating 4 carbon pieces, we’ve basically set the standard that “the Tesla Model S can look cool too.”

T-Sportline-Carbon-Fiber-package-mapStates the video description.

If you thought the Tesla Model S wasn’t quite unique enough, then TSportline takes it a step further with a new package which consists of  2 rear diffusers, a trunk wing, & a front apron Of course, all parts are made from carbon fiber to add to give the Model S an appearance that’s like no other.

This TSportline package is called the Carbon Fiber Sport Package.

This package consists of the 4 pieces, but each piece can be purchased separately if you so desire.

As you may already know, TSportline is claimed to be the world’s first electric car accessory tuner specifically focused on Tesla Motors.

More on the company and the other unique accessories offered can be accessed by clicking here.

Front View

TSportline Model S

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Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

more appliques etc? whoop de sh-t.

Let’s see some hacking of the battery cooling system and motor controllers for improved track performance!


The title of this article should be “TSportline Introduces World’s First Aftermarket Tesla Model S Appearance Package – Video”

Calling it a sports package is like me calling myself an athlete because I bought a new pair of track shoes. They won’t make me any faster…and a lot of people will probably just think they look goofy on me.

Excellently put!

The only thing better about the look of this car compared with standard is the nose cone having the same color as the rest.

Title should not read first as I saw these guys have it available a month ago. I think it also looks better…


I wonder how fast it will be showing up here:


Woo, white nosecone. Sporty. 😉

I think someone should make a nosecone for the Model S that looks like a big bank of AA batteries.

That, or a mustache.

The mustache could look good…