TSportline Introduces Body Kit For Tesla Model 3


TSportline Body Kit Rendered On Tesla Model 3

Believe it or not, there are already aftermarket body kits available for the Tesla Model 3.

This one comes to us via Tsportline, a Tesla aftermarket parts supplier/tuner.

TSportline has long offered various kits and accessories for the Model S and Model X, but now the aftermarket firm is diving into the Model 3.

Officially, the aggressive-looking body kit (called Carbon Sports Package) and wheels for the 3 are listed as “coming soon” on TSportline’s site, but the tuner is already pitching ideas and images to get things going.

Tesla Model 3 With TSportline Package

Here’s TSportline’s post:

“We will be offering both locally made 20″ forged wheels and 20″ flow forged wheels for the Tesla Model 3. Here’s our concept of our 114 wheel design in Diamond Black with our Carbon Sports Package.”

“What color 3 will you be ordering?”

Tesla Model 3 With TSportline Package

Pricing for the body kit and wheels is not yet listed, but you can head on over to TSportline’s website for some additional information.

Source: TSportline, TSportline Facebook

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20 Comments on "TSportline Introduces Body Kit For Tesla Model 3"

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Aftermarket wheels on a Tesla is a no no.

Why? The tsportline 19″ TST’s in black are good quality. Quite a few S owners go with them to get the stock Tesla 21″ turbine look in a 19″ rim.

Not bad input klaus. I might want to replace my 21 inch turbine rims. They look fairly nice thanks


I believe in a free market.

Is this a Photoshop exercise? Right now, the only buyers are Elon Musk and 30 Tesla employees, right? What did they do, buy the salvaged Model 3 vehicles from the crash testing?

No, just photoshop. But that’s normal. Aftermarket companies start as soon as a car is announced. They still have to get their hands on one to do the final design, but most of the work is done before the car is built.

Sounds like good marketing to me for an auto aftermarket supplier. Strike while the iron is hot, and when you can ride the coat-tails of the car’s advertising!

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Meh, no thanks.

Who cares? Where are all the BMW M3 vs Tesla Model 3 drag race videos!

I suspect we won’t be seeing (m)any of those…

Weren’t you one of those that were sick of drag videos? …and now you are asking for them?

Yes Mark.Ca, the hypocrisy of trolls knows no bounds.

I suspect too, because like you said, “who cares?”

Oh, we will.

As soon as the Model 3 Performance Ludicrous is out in the middle of next year.

Humiliating M3,S4, AMG C63,Giulia Quadrifoglio, ATS V etc.

In straight line, sure.

I want to know if Model 3 top edition can beat those cars on the corners.

Model SP90DL can beat most sports sedan in straight line but can’t keep up on the track or fast corners due to excessive weight.

Model 3 is relatively light (still heavy for the comparable class) so it should do better.

MotorTrend’s the only outfit who got any real time with the car. What they’re saying so far bodes well. We’ll see when they get to put it through the gamut of testing.

I agree that it looks good so far. But I will be curious to see.

I doubt that high performance version will be lighter since it will be more likely to have the extended range battery.

It was interesting to note in the side by side versus I think a 330i the standard range Model 3 was only something like 100 pounds heavier and given the majority of the weight is in the bottom 10-20 cm of the car I can easily see a Model 3 making a decent fist of it around corners against quite a number of other cars.
The longer range Model 3 however was significantly heavier, but that weight is also still very low in the vehicle so who knows.

Lower positioned weight helps with body roll but it doesn’t help with the “weight” part. =)

“Believe it or not, there are already aftermarket body kits available for the Tesla Model 3.”
No, there aren’t.

As the company itself says in the quote above, they plan to offer such kits but don’t do so yet, and there are zero details on them as yet (like features, pricing, availability…)

This of course isn’t really surprising, since I seriously doubt the company has been able to get its hands on actual Model 3s to design the kits, let alone test them for a decent period.

Why the misleading tagline?

I just want a real dash with a real display.