TSLA Stock Price Soars on Q4 Model S Sales Announcement




Following yesterday’s Q4 Model S sales announcement, TSLA stock soared from its previous day close of $139.34 to over $160 per share, a single-day increase of over 15%.

The Tesla Model S At The 2014 NAIAS

The Tesla Model S At The 2014 NAIAS

For Tesla, this is a significant rebound after some post-collision fires led to a stock price dip that started on November 5.

Tesla’s market cap is now again approaching $20 billion.

Tesla’s stock volume yesterday was more than double its average, too.

It’s clear to us from the numbers that sales (especially higher than expected sales) are what drove up TSLA.

6,900 Model S sedans sold globally in Q4 is a remarkable figure, but it’s one that’s easily beat by the Nissan LEAF in terms of Q4 sales on the worldwide level for BEVs.

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I knew it and it will be higher next quarter. Go Tesla

Tesla beats Nissan Leaf easily if sales are measured in dollars. And indeed, dollar based sales are more relevant than how many cars are produced.

Wow, for those with EV knowledge and nerves of steel – that’s the stock to play with, at the expense of all the EV-ignorant idiots who believe the anti-EV “analysts”.

Myself, don’t have the nerves 😉

Hey Eric, did u guys manage to squeeze out of Tesla details about the sales breakdown, at least US vs. Europe?

Tesla didn’t update as to the splits, but they early guided to about 50% US – 50% RoW…we’ll know for sure if they kept to that in a few weeks when they report though, (=

If the leaf wasn’t electric no one would buy that hideous thing.

Even ugly puppies ( Carp?) need good homes. 😉

If the Tesla wasn’t electric nobody would buy it either, plenty of really sexy looking ICE vehicles for that price, the really exciting thing about the EV market is people are buying cars function over form.

I have to agree though the leaf is unnecessarily ugly, Nissan could have done a better job on the outside of the car….. to be honest my 4 year old son can draw a better looking car.

Actually, if you take away all Federal and State incentives (in the US) LEAF sales would almost stop (same goes for other plugin cars), but Tesla sales will keep going just fine. People who buy Tesla bought the car b/c it is cool. LEAF buyers bought it b/c it is the ONLY affordable BEV they can buy….

If you do a quick look on SF Bay Area’s Craigslist for Used LEAF sales ads, you will see a signficant portion of them are LEAF owners who upgrade to Telsa Model S….

The key word to keep in mind when contemplating TSLA share prices, is “Volatile”. It is now going up, because before it was going down. It is going to take years for TSLA share prices to stablize. It won’t be until well after the release of the GEN III chassis before we stop seeing these sort of price swings. Meanwhile, I fully expect lots of controversy every time there is a quarterly report released by Tesla. There will continue to be a large difference between GAAP and non-GAAP profits. This is because of continued one-time costs, like opening new stores/markets, building new Supercharger stations, and launching new models (Model X). On top of that, the income doesn’t get booked each time Tesla “leases” a car, until each monthly lease payment is received. This effectively delays a large portion of their profits for 36-39 months under the GAAP accounting model. Meanwhile they have to report 100% of the expenses for building the car in the quarter it was built. No other car company has to report GAAP profits this way, because they shift all that off to another company they own. The most famous being GM shifting off leases to GMAC… Read more »