Trump Thinks EPA Emission Testing Is Pointless, Looks To Slash Budget By 99%

8 months ago by Christopher Smith 41

Zero Emissions Nissan LEAF

Trump Wants 99 Percent Cut In Fuel And Emission Testing Budget

Automakers are concerned the cut could delay new vehicle certifications.

Life Cycle Global Warming Emissions from the Manufacturing and Operation of Gasoline and Battery-Electric Vehicles

If President Donald Trump’s proposed budget gets a green light, it would pretty much wipe out vehicle emissions and fuel economy testing done by the Environmental Protection Agency. In budget documents recently posted online by the Washington Post, the Trump Administration is proposing a $48 million cut in federal funding for EPA vehicle and fuel testing certification. That equates to a 99 percent cut in the program’s funding.

To offset at least some of that, the proposal would require automakers and engine manufacturers to pay more for required testing. There is no official word on just how much those fees would be, but automakers are said to have concerns over certification delays and getting new vehicles to customers. According to Automotive News, EPA spokesman John Konkus said the EPA could “effectively serve the taxpayers and protect the environment.”

With this news comes plenty of talk about Volkswagen’s dieselgate scandal and how such federal cuts could make future investigations of potential wrongdoing much more difficult. Last month, Volkswagen pleaded guilty to a range of felony charges including conspiracy, obstruction of justice, and using false statements to introduce merchandise into the United States. Volkswagen is already on the hook for a $4.3 billion settlement agreed upon by the manufacturer and the U.S. Department of Justice, not to mention the billions owed in civil fines. Sentencing for the latest verdict will be handed down April 21.

What’s interesting to note here is that the initial investigation leading to this whole scandal didn’t originate with the EPA, but with a small group of scientists at West Virginia University performing an independent study. That fact is certain to emerge in future debates over the proposed EPA cuts.

The Trump Administration’s budget proposal would ultimately slice the EPA’s total budget by 31 percent and cut over 50 programs.

Source: Automotive News

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41 responses to "Trump Thinks EPA Emission Testing Is Pointless, Looks To Slash Budget By 99%"

  1. John says:

    Wow. Truly taking us back to the Gilded Age. Can’t wait for that acid rain to come back.

    1. SparkEV says:

      Unlikely. States will enact their own emissions standards. That is, if DUmp administration doesn’t go all “big federal government” like the Dumbocrats typically do and create anti-EPA to bar states’ rights.

      1. S'toon says:

        You are aware that the majority of states are GOP controlled, and have been busy destroying all the environmental regulations within their states that they can, aren’t you?

        1. SparkEV says:

          You say “most of the states”, but most of them comprise of very few people. If they pollute bit more, it won’t make much difference. What matters more are the states with big population (ie. CA, NY, etc), and they are (and hopefully will be) cleaning the air.

          Even if the EPA isn’t there, those tiny states are not going to have what few cities they have start to look like Los Angeles air of the past. It’ll be easier to adopt big state rules (eg. CARB) rather than spend the money to come up with brand new rules.

          1. George says:

            But yet we force federal prohibition of Marijuana and completely ignore states rights….

          2. wavelet says:

            I think you’re over-optimistic.
            The 12 CARB states comprise just 34.5% of the US population (and likely a similar % of cars).

      2. SJC says:

        Get a life and a brain.

      3. Miggy says:

        Will this make the USA great again ??

        1. Mister G says:

          América is great again..white POTUS and 59 tomahawk missiles lol

      4. Dr. Miguelito Loveless says:


        Well that tells me I can safely ignore any further posts you make.

    2. Ocean Railroader says:

      They’ll be prod with acid rain falling like egg chow-man

  2. offib says:

    really? TF guys, how can you be an ev advocate and rail against the EPA?

    1. speculawyer says:

      Who are you talking to?

      1. offib says:

        The few but common readers of InsideEVs. And not just that, many viewers on
        Transport Evolved have equal disregard for the concerns and regulations that gave us plug-ins. And yeesh, wish I had the ability to edit messages here.

  3. =j says:

    We can totally trust the manufacturers to not fake the tests they are paying for.

    1. (⌐■_■) Trollnonymous says:

      ……or give accurate MPG ratings……lol

    2. Pushmi-Pullyu says:

      Sure, what could go wrong there?


  4. pjwood1 says:

    It should be clear Trump isn’t the one to find middle ground between EPA not discovering VW’s issue, and arriving at an OEM model that pays for its own tests. In Europe, the regulatory capture the OEMs have on testing makes a bigger mockery of them, than it does the EPA. That’s where VW’s joke starts.

    If our auto-makers pay for tests, they’ll want to control them, and we become Europe.

    At the end of the day, blame can’t be pointed at EPA for not discovering VW. On board NOx testing wasn’t being taken out on the road until closer to the time WVU did its tests (~2014). All he’s doing is ensuring EPA won’t catch a future VW. There’s no policy making going on.

  5. Terawatt says:

    How many years could you run the EPA as today on just the money it has brought in from Dieselgate?

    1. William says:

      How many Tesla model 3s could you have purchased, and given away for free with the Money wasted on Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Somalia, and the rest. A couple of Trillion Bucks could have put a few more Teslas on the road, and we could have weened N.A. off of Middle East Oil. We could have told those Arab States to fight their religious wars themselves. Oh well, at least we keep the gifts that keeps on giving. Tomahawks for a good spanking, if you don’t behave!

    2. speculawyer says:

      The irony being that it wasn’t the EPA that caught VW with dieselgate. It was private university researchers!

      EPA actually does very little testing of cars. :-/

      1. Scott says:

        A public university, thank you

  6. John Hollenberg says:

    I finally agree with ISIS on something… Trump is an idiot!

    1. Djoni says:

      Why dit it take you so long is the question?

  7. Ocean Railroader says:

    I really wounder how this effects Telsa if it’s a zero emission car along with the Nissan Leaf?

    1. Pushmi-Pullyu says:

      It’s not Tesla that we need to worry about. Tesla makes compelling cars which just happen to be BEVs.

      What we need to worry about is that legacy auto makers will no longer be under any government pressure to make and sell compelling, long-range EVs… or in fact any EVs at all. If El Trumpo has his way, ably assisted by the guy he’s appointed to the task of destroying the EPA rather than heading it, then you can say goodbye to all the compliance cars.

    2. MTN Ranger says:

      All vehicles have to get EPA testing be it MPG or MPGe.

      1. mike w says:

        If there is no standard to meet than it doesn’t matter what the results of testing is.

      2. wavelet says:

        Actually, not the case.
        In the EPA’s case, the requirement is for the manufacturer to guarantee that the car will not exceed the formal emissions limits under reasonable maintenance for the usable lifetime of the car (defined as 10 years and 120K miles). There are bench test standards, but they are just useful indications.

        In addition, the carmaker must submit a detailed description of the emissions mitigations devices and how they work, as well as detailed records of their own internal testing (engineering tests, not production).

        Basically, this is self-certification.

        Unbelievably, there’s no required physical testing by the EPA itself, not even of a random sampling cars.

  8. speculawyer says:

    I F-king hate this guy.

    The only people that should be OK with this are people without lungs.

  9. George says:

    Sam Harris said a few days back, why are so many people in favor of air pollution?

    1. Pushmi-Pullyu says:

      Or water pollution?

      There is growing concern about lead contamination in the water supply of various cities. I’m sure the Trumpsters will be happy to reassure us that brain damage in children is perfectly normal and nothing to get upset about.

      1. mike w says:

        No Dump and his buddies would be more than happy to build water filters and sell them to you. Businesses pollute the water then sell you the filters.
        How many people here drink tap water without passing it thru a filter in a pitcher or at the end of the faucet? Or drink bottled water?

  10. Pushmi-Pullyu says:

    Holy crud, Batman!

    If El Trumpo and his gang of kleptocrats and ultra-right-wing nutjobs do away with EPA ratings for vehicles, then we’ll have to rely on’s ratings. It looks to me like Edmunds’ rating system is excellent and reliable, but unfortunately they don’t rate all cars. 🙁

    1. Mister G says:

      President Tweet just caused oil and gasoline prices to spike lol

  11. says:

    Oh cool then! He’ll certainly let the Chinese automakers into the US market then 😉

    Hows that swamp draining?

    must be the millennial’s fault /s

    1. Pushmi-Pullyu says:

      “Hows that swamp draining?”

      Campaign promise: Drain the swamp.

      Actual action once elected: Add alligators to swamp.

  12. JIMJFOX says:

    I too think Trump is ‘losing it’- and fast.
    Seemed like a huge relief the ‘other’ Clinton lost & Obama’s disastrous foreign policies stopped. But no, Trump is keeping some Obama appointees who still tell us “Islam is a religion of peace”- Mc Master in place of Flynn, for instance. “Climate change is a fraud”… O/T- maybe but Trump is heading way off his pre-election agenda, IMO.

  13. Mr. M says:

    The ones doing the first tests in the diesel scandal and informed the EPA was a german NGO.

  14. Doug Bostrom says:

    Air: too clean by half, or more. Slightly fewer than half of people who bothered to vote apparently agree with this?

  15. silversod says:

    Good grief! He’s well & truly bought & in the pocket of the fossil fuel companies.

    It’s kind of ironic that he says global warming is a hoax & doesn’t exist yet he put a planning application in to the local council to get a wall built on the shore side of his golf course in Ireland……because of rising sea levels & his golf course is at risk of erosion lol.