Truck Transporting Teslas Strikes Underside Of Bridge


A truck transporting a few Teslas recently struck the underside of a bridge in Switzerland.

It appears as though only a Peugeot van was damaged though. It seems the two Model X SUVs loaded on top of the truck carrier missed the bridge by inches due to their lower overall height.

Teslarati adds:

“The photo was captured by Swiss media outlet Blick showing the aftermath of the accident at the Brüggstrasse pass in Biel. According to local police reports, no one was hurt in the incident.”

It’s believed that the transport truck had left the nearby Bern service center to delivery the three new Model X onboard to owners.

The isn’t the first time a Tesla transport truck has been involved in an accident and it certainly won’t be the last. This time though, all the onboard Xs escaped unscathed.

Source: Blick via Teslarati

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“It seems the two Model X SUVs loaded on top of the truck carrier missed the bridge by inches due to their lower overall height”

Telsa’s dogged dedication to aerodynamics pays off again! 😉

We need smart bridges, linked to smart cars. The bridge would have a scanner looking at the heights of the incoming vehicles. If one was too tall, it would send the vehicle a stop command.

These type of bridge strikes usually result in a repair cost in the million dollar range.

A friend who drives auto transport trucks, like the one pictured, tells me that there are models of GPS devices that are specific to trucks. They have settings for truck height, length, width, weight class, and turning radius. When this information is entered, courses are plotted to avoid situations such as this.

But of course you have to buy them, and enter the correct information in order for them to be useful.

Oh, the technology. I wonder if auto or driver assist would have prevented that.
Apparently they are not designed to look up that much.

Autopilot strikes again!

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

” all the onboard Xs escaped unscathed”

Uh, OK so what’s laying on the ground there????

Uh, a Peugeot 🙂

“It appears as though only a Peugeot van was damaged though.”

What do you want to say with that article? Tesla auto-pilot failed to stop the truck? Because like “Tesla technology avoids that/is better” would be… 😉


Never would have happened if the X’s were self driving themselves… 😛



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I totally agree, my friendly comment about how this is news was also deleted. Can’t InsideEV’s handle any criticism anymore?

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No worries at all, (=