Some Insight Into The ‘Troll-A-Thon’ Targeting Tesla CEO Elon Musk

Elon Musk

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The media appears to enjoy bashing Tesla and Elon Musk right now. It’s like someone invited the press to a “troll-a-thon” gone wild — journalists just can’t stop themselves. James Francis (via Tech Central) gives some examples: “Elon Musk is out of control! We need to take him away from Tesla! He needs to be reined in! Please, will someone think of the shareholders?”

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Above: Tesla’s Elon Musk at SXSW (Flickr: thaddeus cesari)

Francis admits, “Don’t get me wrong. Musk is making mistakes. He should sleep more and tweet less, though I could argue that for just about every working professional today. But how quickly we forget that he helped usher in electric cars, something that had been attempted for a long time… He helped revolutionize space travel, cutting costs up to a tenth of what they were. And as everyone clamors for self-driving car dominance, he has helped make intelligent cars the norm.”

“Is Musk doing too much? Probably… [and] sometimes there is a price to be paid for that; sometimes there isn’t. Great things are not accomplished in careful steps… The person who tamed fire was not an administrator,” Francis writes. “But you know what? The man has been doing great things. I’d rather support him instead of trying to judge… Who really cares if Tesla isn’t making a profit or is behind schedule? Google now sells ads. Microsoft sells cloud bytes. Amazon sells trinkets. Now it’s Tesla’s turn to change the world.”

Above: A look at what Elon Musk is up against, and what he’s accomplishing (Youtube: Chris Collins)

As pundits pontificate on CNBC and Bloomberg about Musk’s poor leadership skills, Francis says, “I’m not convinced that Tesla is at that stage yet where it needs a ‘grown-up’ behind the wheel. The iconoclastic impact it is rendering upon the transportation world continues, and that means Musk has more to do. But since we live in a world that loves to tear down its heroes as eagerly as it supports underdogs, we are only too happy to jump on every Musk misstep as vindication for our doubts.”

Let’s not forget, “Musk has accomplished more in just the past year than whole countries manage in a generation. And we were fine with that until we weren’t. Now it’s a crime that he won’t march to the sound of our drums. If you aren’t a Tesla stockholder, none of this has anything to do with you anyway. And if you are, please take a moment. Tesla is a risky venture, plus you should be diversified. Let genius do what genius does. Stop whining because of ‘optics’. The world has enough managers. What we need, more than ever, are mavericks.”


Source: Tech Central

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The answer is a resounding “NO”. It’s not justified 🙂

Where is the SEC.
It’s clearly Short Funded, and therefore Stock Market Manipulation.

The SEC is investigating Elon and Tesla for the funding fiasco as well as giving false guidance, now the DOJ has started criminal probes. I do appreciate Elon’s style where he takes risks that others would not, for instance in my Toyota Avalon I have to push accept on my monitor when the cell phone is attached by cable, while on my brother’s P100X,the display does not force him to do the same task, the Tesla way is far superior in that instance.

Is that you Chanos?

Just one of his minions.

Don’t give him that much credit. This guy is only a mildly annoying gnat, not an ankle-biter like Chanos and his wolf pack.

True. He is only here because so many people have put him on their “Ignore” list on other green websites that he comes here because there is no “Ignore” feature here.

If the DOJ is wasting time about Musk and the Real Saudi bid, and the VW offer, whereas the documented criminal actions of the short community are ignored, there’s something wrong within the DOJ.

Yes, that’s what I want to know. Where is the criminal probe into the ongoing smear campaigns against Tesla, organized and funded by “short” sellers and shills for Big Oil?

There is the real scandal, not Elon prematurely tweeting about having “funding secured” for taking Tesla private!

Hey the elections are closer, aren’t you losing time here, Russian troll.

“It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better.

“The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.”

– author Theodore Roosevelt

Elon Musk’s project Tesla is a massive success both as a market disruptive agent (which is Tesla’s public stated mission statement) and as a company creating shareholder value.

Tesla’s success has been accomplished not despite Elon Musk but because of Elon Musk. Those that actively promote removing Elon from Tesla likely either:

Have a legacy interest which Tesla threatens, or

Don’t like displays of high success when achieved by individualism, or

Wish to pull-down the stock value of Tesla to benefit their invested interest in shorting Tesla stock.

… perhaps a combination thereof for some.

For example, Jim Chanos of Kynikos Associate…

While on Topic of Elon Musk media bashing…

Guess who Tweeted this that was picked up by several media outlets:

August 29th 2018 Twitter – “Again, please don’t park your Model 3 in the sun or rain, adjust the windows or wipers, or leave your car when parked…”   -Twitter account: Diogenes (secret Twitter account of Jim Chanos)

Yes… It’s recently come to light that Jim Chanos maintained a secret Twitter account to *personally* media publish under an alias negative Tweets against Tesla & Elon Musk. This has only come to light because of new SEC disclosure regs forcing Chanos to disclose.

But why would Jim Chanos of Kynikos Associates do that?

Perhaps it’s because Jim Chanos has in a very public way wrapped his professional reputation around shorting Telsa and because it’s been reported that since 2008 Kynikos’s short investments have been an overall bust bet… massive losses accumulated shorting Tesla, Dunkin’ Donuts, Envision Healthcare, Restaurant Brands, Continental Resources, Express Scripts, Alibaba, CNX Resources, etc…

Some have pointed out that his fund is actually not doing bad for a short fund in a “raging bull” market…

Actively trying to bring down the companies he has shorted, is of course not OK though.

It would surprise me if someone like Chanos, who is actively promoting smear campaigns on social media, has only one “sock puppet” account. I would expect him to have several, as well as an army of followers — both paid and “useful idiots” — eager to repost his smear campaigns widely.

spot on.

The Elon,head of SpaceX is far superior to Elon ,head of Tesla,maybe the promotion of this latest Jaime Gulliam will fix things, but everything is not smooth sailing. No question Tesla has been a resounding success, but there are very real deficiencies.

@BroncoBet said: “…Tesla has been a resounding success, but there are very real deficiencies…”

I know of no successful public company that does not have some deficiencies… do you?

Sometimes, hubris finds us all on its own, other times, the media feels it is a moral imperative to tear people down to the average guy levels.

That has got to be one of the most beautiful posts I’ve ever read here. Thank you for posting it. I’m going to make a copy and put it on the wall of my office.

The attacks on him aren’t justified, but they were a lot less loud before he called the Thai rescue diver a “pedo”, talked about taking Tesla private with “funding secured” with no apparent evidence that it was actually true and, then smoking the weed during an online interview. He gave the trolls the rope that they are using to try to hang him. He will get through this, as will Tesla, but some of the trolling in reinforced by his own silly antics. SpaceX seems to run pretty well with less Musk input. It may turn out that Tesla will do better with a little less Musk involvement.

Yes, if you know someone is a Pedo the right thing to do is to start an investigation and get the proof.

Spacex is a Private Co. there are No Stock “SHORTERS” to Aggravate, Agitate, 0r Provoke Musk into any Out of Character 0r Silly Behavior ..

What a loony response. Musk runs Tesla and SpaceX.
And Tesla, the public company, is constantly bashed by the financial press, and you know that.

Also, never reported is the Amazing Asset Growth of this company over the last nine years, in the financial press. The financial press seems to be poaching “journalists” from TMZ.

You mean, with SpaceX there is no motive for stock shorters or Big Oil shills pushing smear campaigns all over social media in an attempt to tear down the good name of the company.

Altho we have seen some of the anti-Tesla FÜDsters occasionally attack SpaceX as “collateral damage”, just because Musk runs SpaceX.

SpaceX gets a massive amount of Musk’s attention. But when Musk goes on Rogan’s show, he is attacked as the head of Tesla, not as SpaceX. It had nothing to do with either company, yet the attacks come from THE VERY SAME PEOPLE who bash Tesla endlessly (OMG! no radio! — OMG! the X is “unbuildable”, etc).

The Thai rescue work was as head of SpaceX, with SpaceX parts. But nobody can short SpaceX, so all the attacks on him were from the same anti-Tesla folks. Musk is targeted to bringing down Tesla by an odd group of different flavors of trolls (oil, auto industry, car dealers, shorters, Koch-heads, etc) who are going after EV’s and green cars and targeting Tesla as the proxy, or are trying to make money by hyping stocks. They don’t collaborate formally, they just riff off each other on the internet, each parroting each other’s talking points.

When in reality Musk is actually very good at his jobs heading both SpaceX and Tesla, achieving unbelievable results at both (just look at the scoreboard).

Can’t call people pedo without evidence

No, the smear campaign took of at the same time the T3 production began to really take off and the Falcon Heavy made History. Tesla has the biggest cartel in the world as sweared enemy : the powerful oil corporations, with the car corporations and the media they control.

Don’t fall for the conditionning about 3 sad words among a million good ones that you never hear about in the mainstream media.

You may not have been aware of the smear campaigns before TM3 started its rapid rise, and certainly the FÜDsters did crank up the volume when that started. But anti-Tesla smear campaigns have been around ever since Tesla’s stock price started its rapid rise, circa 2nd quarter 2013. Even before that, there was a surprising amount of politically motivated Tesla bashing from the far-right propaganda farms called “think tanks”.

Here’s a story about one of the more extreme examples of older anti-Tesla smear campaigns:

Right wing think tanks are now ruining America

“It may turn out that Tesla will do better with a little less Musk involvement.”
I seriously doubt that.
Tesla has not been profitable. It still may not be. We do not know. Once it is profitable, then it is time to leave it in somebody’s hand. However, he really needs to find somebody to work with him on this.

The attacks on Tesla were just as loud before — they just focus even more on Musk as a person recently, as they don’t really have much else left at this point… The whole “pedo” episode for example wouldn’t have happened at all, if bashing Musk hadn’t already been en vogue, and Unsworth hadn’t happily joined in it.

Uh, no. The “pedo incident” wouldn’t have happened if Musk had shut his virtual pie hole and not sent a vile tweet.

Was he poked? Yes. Was his response in any way justified? Absolutely not.

Right now, the optimal path for Tesla is for Musk to stay in his current position but stay the heck off social media. Let someone at Tesla in charge of PR run all social media, and limit all interactions to narrowly defined business, e.g. “We just hit a production level of X Model 3s/week.”, “Watch this account for Model Y news next week.”, etc.

People saying that Tesla would be better off with less of Musk’s involvement, are forgetting that Musk took over at Tesla when it was deep in the first production hell (original Roadster), and navigated it clear of it; navigated through the Model S production hell; navigated through the Model X production hell; and now is mostly done navigating through Model 3 production hell. You seriously think someone else could have done this better?

Growing companies need different people at the helm at different stages. Perhaps it was best for Tesla that he wrested control from its founders, Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning, altho it’s quite notable that Elon has hewed to the vision they created for the company pretty closely up to now. At some point, it’s going to be better for Tesla not to be run by someone who’s a workaholic micromanager who thinks sleeping in a sleeping bag at the end of the production line is the best way to motivate his employees. At some point, as Tesla continues to grow, it’s going to be better to have someone who’s more interested in maintaining steady growth, steady production, and steady profits; someone who doesn’t push his employees to work so hard that they burn out. Perhaps that time has not yet come. Perhaps, as this article says: “I’m not convinced that Tesla is at that stage yet where it needs a ‘grown-up’ behind the wheel. The iconoclastic impact it is rendering upon the transportation world continues, and that means Musk has more to do.” But I think it is time to at least be talking about just what stage Tesla needs… Read more »


Yes ziv, that’s what I been saying

Honestly, is Elon Musk getting worse, or is the media just paying closer attention? He’s always been eccentric, whatever recipe he’s used to become an uber-billionaire and the greatest disruptor this generation’s seen has been working. I love the folks who call for his head- conveniently those who’re betting against Tesla, which is really starting to hit on all cylinders (pun intended).

If shorters tell me that Musk needs to go, I’m thinking that’s the signal that he should stay.

Yes, shorts are terrified of Tesla growth. 9 years of solid geometric asset growth. This is a real company now, and the offerings of MB and Audi more than prove Tesla is the best in the field.

Most of the bashing seems focused on Musk and his poor management abilities than on Tesla’s cars. That distinction is important. Most people appreciate Tesla’s cars for how special, innovative, and aspirational they are. That shouldn’t mean that people can’t be horrified by a mismanaged, financially shaky company that is run by a druggie with questionable social abilities. A Tesla without Musk could easily become America’s next great company.

LOL. Poor management abilities = Public High Targets and openness. Sure, Tesla doesn’t always meet the high targets, but, no one else has them.

It’s poor management. If Sam Walton ran Walmart the way Elon has then Walmart wouldn’t exist

Without Musk, Tesla will probably become Ford of today – stuck with a few great products but going nowhere and waiting for its imminent demise (the F-series).

Ford is starting to see its own failings, but as they are not able to change course in a rapid response, they may have to circle the drain a little closer, before they can make real change.

You are incorrect. Tesla’s wide range of opponents will complain about the slightest thing related to Tesla, and attacking Musk is just one angle of attack in an overall strategy.

You need to understand that there are people who are very intent on destroying Tesla, even to the extent that the Koch bro’s started a website just to attack Tesla from every angle possible:

Other groups of people are happy to blindly parrot these attacks, and then create their own mindless attacks that people like the Koch bro’s are then happy to blindly parrot.

Yes,but notice how the Teslaites attack all other EV’s and especially virulent in their venom toward FCV?

What’s that got to do with anything? These unhinged individuals aren’t Tesla’s/Musk’s fault or responsibility any more than say the GM fanatics here are GM’s responsibility.

I own a Tesla, a Focus Electric and a 500e. Each has their benefits and failings.

Your grouping Tesla fans into one negative category demonstrates your inability to look at Tesla in a neutral manner. Rather than making a point about Tesla fans, you simply illustrate your own intolerance for anything Tesla.

“…notice how the Teslaites attack all other EV’s…”

No. What I do notice is that you seem to be trying to lump all Tesla fans into a single category, which is typical of someone expressing his prejudice.

I’m a big Tesla fan. That doesn’t stop me from being a fan of Rivian and Bollinger and Workhorse, among other EV startups. It also doesn’t stop me from praising the I-Pace, the Volt, or the Clarity PHEV.

Not sure what this has to do with my post? I see why you are on so many people’s ignore list on other green sites.

…because FCV is a wasteful, expensive, inefficient and polluting innovation of the nineties.

“poor management abilities” LOLL! There would be no Tesla without Musk! The last successful car company to emerge in the USA was Chrysler… in 1925. This guy is a genius and this is why you paid trolls attack his personality relentlessly with falsehoods and exaggeration.

druggie : a person who does drugs habitually and frequently appears in public while under the influence of these drugs.

The “druggie” took one polite puff and didn’t even inhale! And he said it was the second time in his life he smoked weed.

Poor management?
If he was not there, Tesla would be gone.
Any regular management would have ran the company into the ground.
Thank God he does not hire MBAs. Worst nightmares POSSIBLE.

Hey, we have someone on the internet saying that a man who guides more than one venture from start-up to multi-billion dollar companies has ‘poor management abilities’.

What do you need to achieve to have ‘good management abilities’?

The world wants to know. And you seem to know it.

Also, tell us please tell us of your own management achievements.

Musk has become target of convenience in the multi-pronged attack against Tesla. Some of it self inflicted.
Legacy media is now decidedly against Tesla and by proxy, Musk.
Any stumble, in reference to CDAVIS below, is described as a fall, any faux pass, a catastrophe.

The general talking heads who merely talk about financial news and don’t have much of a clue about the companies they discuss..
In Tesla’s case they have internalized, all the short-seller anti Tesla propaganda, and simply parrot out memes on command in reports
on the company and Musk, who is described as having gone off the reservation, incapable of cogent thought, living in a fantasy world, etc.. ad nauseum.

Well that seems to be the general fantasy land in which they reside. They are incapable of seeing what is happening before their very eyes and not reliable sources of information concerning Musk and Tesla, as they disrupt and revolutionize the car industry as we know it. Can I get an Amen.
“The preachers wish that whoever keeps putting the frog in the holy-water stop doing it, since people are getting warts.”
–Andy Griffith

Much of the “Media” is actually just reprinting whatever incoherent story gets the most clicks. Google and Yahoo are the worst at this. You click on one story about Tesla stocks, and they will spam your feed with every negative TSLA story they can get you to click on. Even if you clicked on it to see what the latest BS that needs to be debunked.

Fear mongering stories get more clicks, so they flood the web with them. SA is a prime example.

There is Absolutely N0 Justification , Nor Is There any excuse for all the Provoking Behavior from the Media & 0THERS Out There , Let alone The SHORTS That Desperately Want Tesla To Fail for “their 0wn Profit and Gain” . HOWEVER .,Musk Should Curtail on Some* of those Tweets & Should Think @ least 20times Or Seek Some Consultation before he Presses the SEND Key…Other than a few Sloppy tweets MUSK IS DOING HIS JOB ! & HASN’T MISLEAD OR WRONGED THESE MERCILESS PREDATORS WHO SPREAD FALSITIES & NEGATIVE NEWS BEYOND BELIEF In a Way THAT MOST COULDN’T EVEN IMAGINE ..

Why does he tweet in the first place? He should arrive on stage in Model Y, a roadster or even a Semi. Twitter and whatever these ‘media’ are called will do the rest all by themselves.

His tweets tend to generate a lot of publicity — mostly positive. (Though the mainstream media tend to latch on to the occasional negative…)

Right. Anyone who thinks that Elon’s tweets are not a positive marketing tool for Tesla; anyone who thinks that Tesla would be selling as many cars if Elon would stop tweeting… well, they need an education on the subject.

Most journalists don’t have any idea what they are talking about when it comes to Tesla and a lot of other things.
I know, cause i’m a journalist myself. (nothing to do with automotive)
Smoking a joint or part of it once a year ain’t nothing bad. Pull a trigger once a year could kill somebody. Now how many guns are there around in the good ‘ol US of A?

What I find most interesting is that MOST of those ripping on Elon, are Americans. In other nations, they greatly admire what he is doing. Pretty damn sad.

We are all very proud of Elon and all he has accomplished,that doesn’t mean you do not point out when he commits crimes or treats customers poorly, issues are complicated, it is not all black and white. Notice the difference between the head of SpaceX and Tesla,same human, but very different,SpaceX runs much smoother.

because its private. im sure there is many more reasons it runs smoother like Gwynne alot of the success has been attributed to her. since elon actualy started space x he has a better team. he did not create tesla. im sure he would have surrounded himself with better ppl but he cant really just take the board over now can he.

Your knowledge of Tesla’s history is lacking. Taking over the Board of Directors of Tesla is exactly what Elon did, back in 2007-8.

Pointing out missteps is one thing; bashing is another.

SpaceX runs smoother, because it’s in a very different market, that isn’t nearly as challenging as it turns out.

“…when he commits crimes…”

What crimes? Is guiding Tesla from a small start-up to the global top seller in the EV market, and still growing strong, a “crime”?

Dude, just stop with your attempts to pretend you’re either neutral on the subject or a supporter of Tesla. Quite clearly you’re one of the army of Tesla bashers. Leopards can’t hide their spots, no matter how much shoe polish y’all use.

LMAO, “…treats customers poorly”, what total B.S.

Tesla has by far the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the industry.

Elon is changing the world on so many positive levels which breeds jealousy by those that don’t.

And how! EJDS (Elon Jealousy Derangement Syndrome) is a commonly displayed affliction on stock investor forums, and sadly a lot of that gets copied on EV forums.

Well said. There are enough managers, paper pushers,

Love Elon and Tesla. Don’t really care how he does it, he’s work ethic speaks more to me than what he does on twitter, the man’s a once in a generation genius. He’s dragging the USA to it’s former glory single handedly in space and auto yet he’s biggest obstacle is the country itself. To me he’s already a legendary figure not only in the industries he works in but also in humanity as a whole. I’m glad to be living in the same era as he is. If you ever read this I love you Elon Musk, no homo lol

The biggest obstacle is himself on Twitter

Why no homo? You can still love a man without being sexual. People that do that are ones with homosexual tendencies unconsciously

When you’re right, you’re right.
And you are RIGHT!!!
Plaudits to you, for an articulate defence.

When you make statements that bring you tons of money and cause losses of millions to others, you need to pay for that, especially after bragging about you doing the “burn of the century”.
Secured means a contract was signed and since it wasn’t, that’s called a lie.