Tritium Veefil-RT Brings First Liquid-Cooled 50kW Fast Charger To Hungary

NOV 22 2018 BY MARK KANE 9

Liquid-cooled chargers are smaller.

Tritium recently installed Hungary’s first liquid-cooled 50kW fast charger – the Veefil-RT – for the NKM Mobilitas Ltd. (a subsidiary of National Utilities, the state Hungarian utilities provider which supplies gas and electricity to 4.2 million households in Hungary).

The main advantage of liquid-cooled power electronics is that it’s smaller than conventional charger, which could be crucial in some locations like underground parking, where otherwise premium space would be sacrificed.

The charger is installed in the KÖKI Terminál P+R, an underground parking facility at one of Budapest’s major shopping malls.

“The Veefil-RT 50kW DC fast charger is capable of delivering up to 125km of range in just 30 minutes and offers both CHAdeMO and CCS connectors. It features an easy-to-use interface and integrated lighting. Operators can further benefit from Tritium’s customised branding design service.”

NKM Mobilitas ordered earlier this year 12 Tritium fast chargers with plan to have 100 by the end of this year.

Szabolcs Balogh, Managing Director of NKM Mobilitás Ltd. said:

“We are very pleased to offer our EV customers this fast charging opportunity. Thanks to its small footprint, the Tritium charger needs limited space and could be installed conveniently between two bays of the parking garage. During the opening event at the mall, members of Villanyautósok, Hungary’s EV owners’ club, were pleasantly surprised by the silent operation of the fast charger, which is due to its unique liquid-cooling system. This feature will also reduce future maintenance requirements.”

Jeroen Jonker, Vice President Sales Europe, Tritium said:

“The breakthrough of e-mobility depends essentially on the ready availability of public chargers. Mobiliti’s decision to add Tritium DC fast chargers to their national network has been an important signal to the EV market in Hungary. We are very proud to play a major role in this success story with our advanced 50kW fast chargers.”

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9 Comments on "Tritium Veefil-RT Brings First Liquid-Cooled 50kW Fast Charger To Hungary"

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When will they bring the first ice cooled 7,2 kW hypercharger?
Any new EV charger is good but going under 150 kW for the new chargers is a mistake.

Tritium is a major supplier to the Ionity network. They are also making a 450kw charger.

Doesn’t look smaller at all to me and I use the 50kW non-liquid cooled units all the time …. assuming that is the actual unit in your image.

It is the actual unit in the image and it does not look smaller because its height can be seen which is similar to other DC chargers. But it cannot be seen that its width is only 40 cm and its weight is oly 165 kg. For comparison, other air cooled 50 kW DC chargers usually weigh 400-600 kg.

It also cuts down on noise which is certainly an issue with urban fast charging.

I also think water cooled cables are the way forward. They are so much lighter and more flexible.

AFAIK is a distributor of Tritium Veefil. In they announced a 50- and 150kW charger for 2018 which I can’t find on No word about liquid cooling there. The year 2018 is like over in roughly one month (many people are not working between the christmas and new year holidays).
Does anybody know something about that?



Tritium has a range of fast chargers up to 450kw. I believe most of them are liquid cooled.

Looks much more than twice as big as that cute little 25 kw BOSCH wall mount unit for Dealerships, homes, and small commercial use. Does the liquid turn to Solid during Hungarian Winters or did they slip a little ethylene glycol in there?