Tritium Unveils Eastern Australia’s First Fast-Charge Network


Veefil Electric Vehicle Fast Charger

Veefil Electric Vehicle Fast Charger

Eastern Australia’s first fast-charge network has been unveiled and it’s the worked of Brisbane, Australia-based Tritium, developer of the Veefil Electric Vehicle Fast Charger.

As part of the Fast Cities Network initiative, in which Tritium hopes to “establish Australia’s largest fast-charging network in Australia and the first in Eastern Australia,” 12Veefil fast charger will be installed within the southeastern Queensland region:

“the proposed 430 km (267-mile) network will create an electric super highway, showcasing intra-city and intercity travel for EVs in Brisbane and the Gold Coast area.”

“The Fast Cities Network will connect Brisbane to Noosa, Toowoomba and Byron Bay, making charging quick, easy and convenient for drivers of pure electric and hybrid vehicles. Twelve Veefil fast charge points will be strategically located along major transport corridors, meeting around 95% of the travel needs of people living in South East Queensland.”

That’s according to Green Car Congress, who adds:

“In addition to four fast-charging units in Brisbane (at Fortitude Valley, Coorparoo and St Lucia) eight further fast chargers will link popular destinations in the region (Noosa, Sunshine Coast, Caboolture/Burpengary, Ipswich, Toowoomba, Cararra/Southport, Coolangata/Tweed, Byron).”

The Veefil chargers are 50 kW units that support both CHAdeMO and SAE CCS and SAE Type 2.  The chargers were designed in Australia and will be manufactured there too.

Per Green Car Congress:

“Veefil features polycarbonate and aluminium construction and is liquid-cooled, and functions in temperatures ranging from -35 °C to +55 °C (-31 ˚F to 131 ˚F). This makes it more robust than other chargers over a wide range of environmental conditions, including temperature, humidity and corrosive conditions, increasing reliability and reducing maintenance.”

Fast Cities Network

Fast Cities Network

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I’ve used their unit at Coorparoo. I’m hoping they get the support they need to roll it out.

They also have a unit installed on the other side of the country in Perth Western Australia.

Supercharger network doesn’t count? Or is it not deployed yet?

It’s here and it’s great if you want to drive from Sydney to Sydney it’s great. So I geuss technically u r right this is the 2 nd network

While on the subject of charging in Australia I thought I would correct a mistake I made in a post about home charging using the evse in Australia both the outlander and the leaf draw less than 10 A but come fitted with a 15 A plug, because they draw less than 10 A you can use a 15 to 10 A adaptor and charge on any standard 10 A plug socket. The adaptors can be purchased from most hardware or camping shops for around $100 and are typically used with campervans.

Better place had a couple of chademo chargers deployed in New South Wales, at least, a few years prior to this.