Trial Proves Electric Vehicles Are Perfectly Suitable for Everyday Driving Even in Australia


Fleet of Converted Electric Ford Foci Used in Australian Trial

Fleet of Converted Electric Ford Foci Used in Australian Trial

The first-ever large-scale, long-term electric vehicle trial in Australia has come to an end and the verdict is out: there exists few technological barriers to the adoption of electric vehicles in Australia.

EVs Make Perfect Sense Here Too

EVs Make Perfect Sense Here Too

The trial kicked off in early 2010 and concluded at the end of 2012.  Data was then compiled and analyzed, which apparently takes close to a year.  Now, the final results are here.

11 converted electric Ford Focus vehicles were used for the trial (the converted vehicles were all that were available in Australia in early 2010) and 23 fast-AC charging bays (Level-2) were installed.

The conversions were performed locally by EV Works. Each Focus was equipped with a 23-kWh battery pack, a 27-kW DC motor and a 1000A motor controller.

The converted EVs were used as fleet vehicles by 11 project partners to demonstrated their everyday usability.

(You’ll find complete results from the trial in the PDF linked below, so here we’ll highlight just a few of the points we think most worthy of mention).

  • The vehicles achieved a road-tested driving range of 131 km (81 miles) on a single charge
  • EVs can function as regular fleet pool cars for most applications.
  • The daily charging curve for fleet EVs and public charging stations can almost completely be covered by solar PVs, resulting in truly zero emission transport.
  • Without a fee structure, Level-2 (7kW) charging stations (or even Level-1, 2.4kW) are difficult to use effectively with multiple customers per day.

For a look at the entire results from the trail, as well as more info (59 pages) than you’ll ever wish to know, follow the PDF link below.

Source: UWA / REV

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The “second” (by start date) and significantly more comprehensive (54 plug-ins and 80 participants) EV trial in Australia came to similar conclusions

Australia is a big place but the vast majority (high 90%’s) of people live in a state capitol and drive a reasonably short distance to work…. pretty much all at the same time very slowly. It’s all very strange down here I take the bus to work (public transport is very good in Melbourne) and it always amazes me how few people I have to share it with even the students here drive to uni.

Wow, $33,103 conversion cost for each $16,737 Focus. That comes in at just under $50,000. Not cheap.

From east coast Australia here in Melbourne this report from West Australia appeared equally strange as it might from other parts of the world. Just what is new in the conclusions? Nevertheless, like the trial cited by Just_Chris, it seems that some of the benefits are simply to get groups working together, even if the answers are obvious and proven previously. In Oz it’s all about the politics, and very little to do with the technology and related systems. Anything that can be labelled part of a green religion is currently treated like a world contagion. The flat earth society is running the place for a while. After the ChargePoint article the other day I looked up their network in Australia and visited two charging points in the centre of Melbourne at what might be the most convenient location. Free they are to use, but the commercial parking station has a minimum parking charge of $15, daily for early bird and flat rate weekends, or for first and each subsequent hours on business days. Unless you are on an electric motorcycle and can avoid the entrance exit gates, this is hardly encouraging for EV users (nearly all parking stations in… Read more »