New Tire Uses Tree Resin To Keep Your Electric Car Rolling


Yes, electric cars should have exclusive tires, and Hankook is already on board.

Electric cars are different in many ways. Yet, automakers that strive to garner success in the segment hope to prove that they are much the same as ICE cars in so many ways. While that’s true — despite the lower ownership costs, quiet operation, instant acceleration, and convenience of fueling at home — in some cases, continual upgrading and revamping to available equipment make a huge difference.

Efficiency is key for EVs. While it’s also a thing for ICE cars, few shoppers take much notice. When it comes to EV adoption and range anxiety issues, anything that can be done to curtail that is warranted. In addition, while electric cars are notoriously quiet, you sure do hear the road noise at high speeds since there is no loud engine masking it. Moreover, the instant electric torque tends to wear on tires more quickly.

Welcome the right tires for your EV and you’ll not only enjoy longer range, but also not have to deal with excess road noise. As Medium points out, automakers like Tesla and Chevrolet put tons of time and effort into testing these cars to assure that range is of the utmost, cabin noise is deadened, and the tires will actually last.

The publication goes on to say that Goodyear, among others, has already come out with EV tires that hope to combat all of the above. Moreover, Hankook has just released a competing, revolutionary tire that is specifically designed for electric vehicles. In order to be not only EV-friendly but also environmentally conscious, the Hankook Kinergy AS EV uses vegetable oil resin from trees that is better on wet roads, deals with high torque well, and improves handling and braking, not to mention the fact that it is shown to increase range.

Source: Wired

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Is it tree resin or vegetable oil resin? Headline and content should match – thanks.

one in the same. source title said trees and then elaborated as vegetable oil. it’s vegetable oil derived from trees as the source. updated article. thanks

Uh, I think they call that turpentine, though.

Thank you – really enjoy the site!

Available in Korea soon, under review internationally for next year. Press release was two months ago but idc because no one seemed to report it:

The BMW i3 needs a better tire.
It doesn’t have the noise cancelling feature Tesla tires enjoy.
I’d switch in a second.

I Wonder What The Trade 0ff Will Be…..

Just out of curiosity… Isn’t rubber also a “tree resin”?

I think almost all tires have that in their ingredients list, which makes this more “Water is Wet” news.

Tires haven’t been made using tree rubber for a long time.

Tire rubber is petroleum derived. Even in an EV you burn petroleum when spinning tires 🙂

“Just out of curiosity… Isn’t rubber also a ‘tree resin’?”

I had to look that up, but you’re correct; the term “resin” is much more generic than I realized.

The raw material from rubber-tree sap is latex, which is a specific type of resin.. Rubber is a product refined from latex.

EVs need tires that a) deal better with high instant torque and b) have self-sealing technology (so far only the Michelin OEM tires for the Bolt offer this) since they don’t come with spare tires.

I’m thinking about getting run-flats for my next set of Volt tires, but I need to do more research.

Run flat tyres would give you a much harsher ride than standard tyre and put more strain on your rims. As a mechanic I have seen many BMW’s with cracked alloys due to this and there designed to have run flat tyres as standard. Also you would need tyre monitoring that is effective with these type of tyres. Another big problem with them is that when the tyre monitoring light comes on people look at there tyres and because they don’t look flat just keep driving as normal until they burst often on motorways as they do not realise the tyre is flat.
Unless your car is fitted with run flats as standard I would stay clear.

I smell a cynical effort to exploit the tastes and wallets of EV buying people, without much real content. An EV is still a car, and people just want to install cost-effective tires that work for their driving habits, and forget about them.

Wonder whether there will be a snow and/or all weather version.