Tree Crushes Nissan LEAF – Video


Watch as this Nissan LEAF gets smashed by a falling tree. Fortunately, the driver appears to be unharmed. Uniquely, an in-car camera captures footage of the tree as it strikes the in-motion Nissan LEAF. This is one video that just might startle you…

Nissan LEAF Crushed By Falling Tree

Nissan LEAF Crushed By Falling Tree

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That’s one way to get a new battery pack.

Wow.. this was the second Leaf crushed by a tree. How ironic.

I confess – I guffawed.


is this “The Happening”?

a LEAF a TREE, seems like they just want to get together.
Maybe this is what really inspired the LEAF pickup truck made at the Nissan Testing Grounds in Arizona. It’s half done before you start. Now that’s recycling.


He’s one lucky guy…. Could have been worse for him had the leading branch come down directly over the front seat.

Having a dash cam certainly makes it easier to explain to the insurance company. They are popular in Asia and expect to see more of them here over time.

As cheap as they are, I wish manufacturers would start including a built-in camera system on cars. Many cars already have the cameras in place, why not just add a DVR to record them? I would much prefer a factory installed system over these little aftermarket cameras.


Many people might think dash cam as assurance for insurance claims, but actually dash cams are great for capturing very rare events, such as the meteor that fell last year on Russia.

So this is good example that we should look beyond individual benefits but to consider system as a whole. It did not matter whose dash cam filmed the meteor. What mattered was that there was _someone_ on the road driving into right direction, who filmed it and uploaded the footage into youtube.

This was also good example where single dash cam generated an entertaining story.

And while that is all nice and good..My main motivation for getting one would be for those accidents where the other party claims you are at fault and it is your word against theirs.

Also when teenagers are driving like morons I’d like to capture video with the license plate and send it to their parents.

I have a dash cam now for that exact reason. Two years ago, I missed a fabulous meteor that a dash cam would have captured.

I’m not gonna let that happen again!

This interesting. Humans are producing data at enormous rates, and it’s all being recorded. I’m not talking about NSA stuff, but being recorded by us, and the services we use.

Glad he the drive was not harmed. It missed him by a very small margin

Nissan Leaf is real treehugger.

Or is it hugee?

I can’t believe how calm he was. The filter will delete my comment if I typed what I would say.

I think his expression was more shock than calm. Remember, when we saw his face, it was literally seconds after and his expression was a clear expression of “WTF just happened?!”

*his face was a clear expression…

Two Nissans with one tree, is the foliage a Toyota fan or something?

Amazing footage, and one lucky driver! It looks like this took place in San Diego:

Like the TV ad says:”My mom works for GE, and they build machines that are friends with trees”

Usually the Leaf falls from a tree every fall…this one held a grudge.

Time to get out the chop-saw and make it into a convertible..

Or a pick up truck.

These are not the kind of Eco-Trees you want to see on your dash.

I’m the driver of this car. I didn’t think it would get posted here! ( I posted it on last night).

Here’s a photo from my phone after the accident. It happened on the CA 163N in San Diego.

I’m pretty bummed about the car, but glad I made it out with only minor cuts on my arm (and ringing ears from the airbags going off).

Thanks for your comment. Glad you are OK!