Travel Down The Tesla Model S Production Line – Video


Here’s a rather unique first-person video of the Tesla model S production line at Tesla’s Fremont factory.

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5 responses to "Travel Down The Tesla Model S Production Line – Video"
  1. Mister G says:

    It looks like Tesla is creating jobs, I thought President Obama was a job destroyer. I guess Romney was wrong about Obama.

  2. SJC says:

    Tesla borrowed money from the U.S. government to get doing, they paid that back more than a decade early. Wrong Wingers will tell you the government has no place in business.

    1. scott franco, the evil, greedy republican says:

      And the FBI revealed that Solyndra lied to and swindled the government. Real wise investment — with your tax money.

      1. Storky says:

        Yet, the green business failure rate was no worse than the national average of startup businesses. Frauds and buffoons aren’t unique to green businesses.

  3. Mapper says:

    Wait – where is the video of the Fisker production line?