TransPower To Offer Class 8 Electric Trucks

MAY 16 2015 BY MARK KANE 15

TransPower's ElecTrucks

TransPower’s ElecTrucks

Transportation Power (TransPower) offers converted electric-drive Class 8 trucks with a hauling capacity of up to 80,000 pounds.

ElecTruck has range of 60-120 miles on a single charge “under normal operating conditions.”

There is also a range extender option with expected range of 200 miles.

The first four trucks presented above were built for test and demonstration purposes, partially funded by the California Energy Commission.

In March, the company announced that it received funding for three new trucks and tractor demonstration projects:

TransPower's ElecTrucks - under the hood

TransPower’s ElecTrucks – under the hood

  • A collaboration with four operators of yard tractor fleets – IKEA, Harris Ranch, Grimmway Farms, and Devine Intermodal – to deploy five battery-electric yard tractors in California’s Central Valley and Sacramento.  Five new tractors will be distributed among these fleets, augmenting five similar tractors TransPower built in 2014, which are currently being operated by fleet operators such as IKEA, Dole Fresh Fruits, and SA Recycling.  TransPower’s proposal for the new tractor demonstration was the highest ranked proposal of 33 proposals received by the CEC for funding under its “Medium- and Heavy-Duty Advanced Vehicle Technology Demonstration” program.
  • A project to demonstrate two additional electric tractors with Dole at the Port of San Diego, along with electric drayage trucks to be operated at the Port of San Diego by BAE Systems and Terminalift. This project will also involve the upgrade of a large battery-operated “reach stacker” vehicle which TransPower built with funding from Terminalift in 2014. This proposal was ranked third among the 33 proposals reviewed by the CEC.
  • A project to install TransPower’s battery-electric truck system into a demonstration fleet of three refuse trucks. Two of these trucks will be operated by the County of Sacramento and the third will be operated by a major waste hauling firm to be named later. This proposal was ranked fourth among the 33 funding requests received by the CEC.

Here is video of the truck in action in Long Beach, CA:

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A good first step…

this is good news ,they spend 120,000 two hundred grand a year in gas which is more than the truck .two really make this work they would need to put the batts in the flat bed floor.Giving a range over seven hundred miles.make it supercharger ready and bom!climate change is solved.the oïl change alone would be big saving.

In the last 20 years battery energy density has doubled and the price per kWh has come down 10 fold.

I calculated that if we can get batteries to double the energy density of today’s packs and get prices down to $100 kWh from today’s $250 kWh it would only cost $100K for a 1 mWh pack that would give the truck a range of 800 miles at ~0.8 miles a kWh while only loosing about 4 tons out of a 25 ton cargo haul.

You certainly could do with less but 800 miles is around average for ICE trucks. That would give them almost 12 hours of straight driving at 70 mph.

Then stopping to charge at night the truck could be fully charged in 7 hours with a 150 kW supercharger style charger that is already available today.

Exxon’s Tillerson just s**t his pants.

M is mega, m is milli.

You are correct. Got used to always typing kilowatt hours with little k, big W and little h (kWh). Just came out that way without thinking.

Good thing you didn’t write the article

What kind of plug is that? A billion amps on one phase??

That is great news. I can’t wait to see all those trucks converted to electric. If it bring dolars in the basket in fuel savings as well, that’s all the better.

Lookin’ good. If the economics, this is one of the most significant truck classes — you can go electric without changing trailers or roads… This could be a decent alternative to freight rail efficiency-wise.

That is so cool. Would it be possible to have a battery pack on the trailer it`s self that pulgs up to the cab for extended range? A cab & trailer combo seems ideal.

these look like interstate trucks. intermodal is the name of the game in the interstate trucking industry today. the trailer is unloaded from a container ship and put on a trailer frame which is hauled by a truck. i suppose you could have dedicated trailer frames with batteries built in; thus you’d still be able to use the same intermodal containers that any other truck would use; but i would think that would greatly complicate logistics because those frames would have to be specifically reserved for EV truck cabs.

A truck like that has plenty of space to put batteries in but there is a weight limitation. With the new lithium-sulfur batteries of 500 Wh/kg this could actually be huge!

60-120 miles of EV range is pretty worthless in a long haul truck. in a typical day, the vast majority of driving would be done on gasoline. forget about expecting a truck driver to chill out waiting for a recharge, this isn’t leisure driving.

my thinking is that long haul trucking is the best niche for FCEV technology.

More likely a Volt like hybrid truck.