Transport for Greater Manchester Launches Three Electric Buses

AUG 13 2014 BY MARK KANE 3

Optare Versa EV in Nottingham

Optare Versa EV in Nottingham

Greater Manchester in the UK has seen its first fully electric buses delivered by Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM).

It’s unlikely Greater Manchester will catch up to a place like Nottingham where electric buses represent close to half of the fleet.  However, this is a promising first step for Greater Manchester.

Three Versa electric buses entered service in early August on the orange Metroshuttle 1 route, which links Piccadilly station with many of the shopping, commercial, leisure and cultural areas of the city center.

The vehicles were jointly funded through the Department for Transport’s Green Bus Fund. Each bus can take up to 57 passengers and has a range of up to 100 miles.

Councillor Mark Aldred, Deputy Chair of the TfGM Committee, stated:

“Metroshuttle is the largest free city centre bus service in the UK and carries millions of passengers every year, helping to cut congestion.”

“These new electric buses are cheaper to run and quieter than normal buses and give off no harmful emissions – contributing to a better environment for everyone who lives in, works in and visits the city centre.”

“The buses are a welcome addition to our fleet of green buses – and just part of Greater Manchester’s hard work to radically slash its carbon emissions by around one million tonnes every year.”

Vicky Tomlinson, operations manager for bus operator First, remarked:

“We’re looking forward to welcoming Metroshuttle passengers on board the new electric buses. They are a first for us and our drivers are enjoying taking them out on test runs to get used to the buses before they start running with passengers.”

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Is that the charger for the bus in the picture? Seems like it would be at a bus station. Why 3 cables? Looks like it has different adapters which makes me think that is just a public charger. How quickly can it recharge the 100-mile range? Who’s batteries are they using? What kind of heating system does it have for the winter?

It’s in Manchester, they don’t have winters. 🙂

That is a public charger, yes. The bus has a 92 kWh battery. Onboard chargers of 2×7,5 kW and you can buy an external 50 kW charger to it.
And the battery company has been and probably still is Valence Technology.

Here are some specs:

Electric buses are great, Stanford is buying CA made BYD buses that run from Caltrain down Palm drive. With a ll the fuel and maintenance savings, it’s the way to go.