Translogic: Spira Foam Electric Car – Video


Only 520 Pounds

Only 520 Pounds

In this episode of Translogic, the rather odd Spira Foam electric car is taken for a spin:

“This three-wheeled electric vehicle is designed with pedestrian safety in mind, but an unintended benefit of Spira’s foam construction is that the car can actually float on water. You can also park the car vertically, as Spira is light enough to lift with ease.”

Sound interesting?  Check out the Translogic video with Jonathan Buckley as host and Doug Ballard, vice president of Spira, featured along with the foam car.

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Yup. All the OEMs have show similar vehicles. They are always for “the city of the future”, where pedestrians walk around in quiet, clean, safe surroundings. Here in the dystopian present, we hide inside weapons of mutual assured destruction, and pedestrians fear for their lives.

When I started to watch the video I though that 3 wheel car with only a wheel in the front is destined to disaster when facing a turn on higher speed. I was surprised that it was mentioned in the video. Cool video, the car not so much. Trikes should always be reversed trikes, like Veeco RT.

I’m not sure this deserves the label “car”. With a single wheel in front controlled by handlebars rather than a steering wheel, it’s more of a 3-wheeled motorcycle with enclosed cabin. Looks like it has motorcycle wheels, too.

But if it really can go 60 MPH, at least it should be able to travel on highways.

This is not a car but a golf cart to use for recreational activities.

This would make a lot of sense for all those single-person commuters usually driving big heavy vehicles that can seat at least 5.

Kiddies, just save another 5K and get a Chevy Spark [after rebates].