Tesla Model X Put Through Its Paces By Translogic – Video


Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

Translogic recently tested the Tesla Model X P90D together with sister Autoblog Green, which also reviewed the Model X.

As always Translogic delivers an easily enjoyed,¬†entertaining and light presentation through the world’s first and best all-electric SUV.

“We finally take our turn behind the wheel of the highly anticipated Tesla Model X. The all-electric SUV from Silicon Vally automaker Tesla Motors shares plenty of technology with the Model S sedan, but offers its own unique features, like falcon wing doors, a bioweapon defense mode, and seating for seven.

And, of course, the plug-in powertrain doesn’t use a drop of gas. Some might even call it ludicrous. Hear what Translogic host Jonathon Buckley has to say about the Tesla Model X.”

source: Autoblog

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Model X is the best of all worlds in terms of being a people AND cargo mover.

Can’t wait for Model Y.

Maybe we’ll get a hatchback version of the M3 sooner, since the tiny trunk opening seems to make a lot of people unhappy.

In one of his tweets Musk did mention a wider and bigger trunk opening in the production version of Model 3.

Ya…. Glass probably doesn’t need to come down quite that far in the back to still be amazing.