Translogic Drives Harley-Davidson Project LiveWire – Video

NOV 18 2014 BY MARK KANE 3

Harley-Davidson Project LiveWire

Harley-Davidson Project LiveWire

Jonathon Buckley from the Translogic series recently visited Harley-Davidson to check out the Project LiveWire.

Project LiveWire is on a global tour in North America and later it’ll tour other markets.

Up to date feedback is very positive. Project LiveWire’s Jen Hoyer remarked:

“It’s a different type of riding experience. It’s not hearing the rumble. The feedback has been ‘Oh my gosh, I can hear everything that’s going on around me.”

The remaining question is how many motorcycle enthusiasts will be willing to buy electric and whether the present specifications are sufficient enough with just 60 miles of range? Top speed is over 90 mph, while power output stands at over 70 kW.

All those questions must be answered before the eventual market launch and we are waiting for the verdict, probably by the end of 2015.

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“Next year we’re taking it to Europe…” That, and their assertion early on that there were no production plans, you’re not seeing anything in 2015. Considering the work simply to build a bike that matches the Zero SR, I don’t think you’re going to see anything until 2017, frankly.

The L2 and L3 charge port door should be located right where the ol’ gas cap was on the “tank”.

Awesome looking bike. I definitely hope they build it. Harleys on the road now spew so much pollution.