Translogic Drives The Fuel Cell Vehicles Of The 2014 LA Auto Show – Video

DEC 22 2014 BY MARK KANE 15

Translogic recently visited the 2014 LA Auto Show to check out the latest hydrogen fuel cell cars and, as it turns out, three of them – Toyota Mirai, Volkswagen Passat HyMotion and Audi A7 Sportback h-tron, were available for test drives.

Some see fuel cells as the dark horse pink unicorn of automotive industry, which for now enjoys its infancy.

In the latest episode of Translogic, Jonathon Buckley learned something about the production of hydrogen from waste.

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The Oatmeal taught us how Teslas were made, but now we have learned how the PiP is created.

I think the mythical unicorn humping the car, is HOW the hydrogen vehicle gets “refueled”. 😉

“News Flash: Pretty Pink Unicorn Fuels First Hydrogen Vehicle! Magical Mythical Hydrogen Infrastructure now allows *some* hydrogen car owners the ability to drive around their local stations. More news at 11.”

Toyota will build the infrastructure for Hydrogen…. Yeah Right

“There is a bit of a carbon offset”
Really? No kidding.

The Audi A7 seems to be the best choice of that group.

Any hydrogen vehicle, is a poor choice.

How comfortable are you cramming your family into a small cabin, seating them on top of a couple tanks of hydrogen highly compressed to 10,000 psi, while traveling on the freeways? You do know that Toyota has asked the NHTSA for a SAFETY EXEMPTION for their fuel cell vehicles, yes?

And I thought Space Travel was risky.

It sounds so dangerous–all those people driving cars with giant tanks of highly flammable high octane gasoline–just sounds too dangerous.

Toyota’s hydrogen gas tanks are designed withstand small arms fire and, if punctured, instantly vent all hydrogen into the atmosphere. While hydrogen immediately bonds with oxygen, gasoline pools and presents a safety hazard in accidents. We must eliminate this dangerous fuel source!

180,000 car fires each year in the US can’t be wrong! 😉

At least you can SEE the gasonline flames, burning your family… 😉

The pro-hydrogen shill dares compare liquid gasoline in a vehicle, to highly pressurized hydrogen in a special tank that has a NHTSA SAFETY EXEMPTION!! OMG! HILARIOUS and yet, so RETARDED!!! How much you getting paid to post pro-hydrogen BS FUD here???

Ever sit on a hydrogen tank that was pressurized to 10,000 psi, that ruptured in a collision? Would you let YOUR family go through that kind of horror?

I certainly don’t want to be anywhere near these things.

Kind of like a Prius but ……$57k

…after incentives.

Total red herrings.
Distraction from a simple technology that is available now. More importantly that allows citizens with a roof to be able to fuel their daily transportation device.
We’ve been hearing about FCV’s for HOW long now? Since pure EV’s are gaining traction in the market the FCV propaganda is being ramped up on all sides. This would be the “…, then they fight you” part 😉


The latest push for premature Hydrogen tech, is due to the large numbers of folks willing to buy BEVs. If they can beat Model III (mass produced, affordable, long range BEV) to market, the hydrogen consortium thinks they can win.


There are serious future consequences to allow hydrogen to become the mainstream replacement to gasoline; made from the same carbon based materials and additional power sources.

The only good case I have heard for hydrogen is for long haul semis. However, comparing rail vs semis, today’s average train has an efficiency of 400 ton-miles per gallon whereas trucks currently hover around 130 ton-miles per gallon. So rail is at lest 3x more efficient and rail is easily upgraded to electric. When we start investing in rail for freight, we are going to be so much better off. Right now we are headed in the wrong direction, ripping out rail tracks in the US. For local transport of goods, ev trucks are viable. I just saw the FedEx electric truck drive past my house last week. It sounded like a spaceship preparing for warp speed with its pedestrian noise maker

Those EV FedEx trucks are awesome!!!