Translogic Drives Defiant EV3 – Video

NOV 25 2015 BY MARK KANE 12

Shockwave Motors - Defiant EV 3 Roadster

Shockwave Motors – Defiant EV3 Roadster

The three-wheeled electric vehicle Defiant EV3, which is neither car nor motorcycle, was featured in the new Translogic episode.

The Defiant EV3 could fit in a new category of autocycle, but formally it’s a motorcycle with seating capacity of two passengers, and one driver.

Shockwave Motors hopes to introduce the Defiant EV3 on the market (is looking for investors/shareholders), but at price of $24,950 it will be difficult to sell.

On a single charge Defiant EV3 can go up to 80-100 miles.

20+ kW motor, combined with mannual transmission, is strong enough to accelerate 0-60 mph in about 10-12 seconds due to low weight and air resistance.

If you are intersted in Defiant EV3 here are two more videos with John McMillian, Shockwave Motors founder and designer, and demo rides.

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Interesting but we’ll see how well the looks does.
I’d think a better looking version say like a Bond Bug or a more futuristic look would more fit it when asking for serious money.
Though take it to showcar auctions could get some hits.
I drive a Harley servicecar size EV trike MC pickup and works very well.
It also tows my 14′ trailer and boat.


Can Jeremy Clarkson roll it?

He did fit in something smaller.

With a single wheel in front, it should roll over easily for anyone…

That depends. My 3wh EV trike pickup because it’s CG is so low and correctly placed is extremely hard to roll any more than a car.
My last RT with 2 front wheels was unlikely to ever roll, breaking the hubs, suspension or rubbing the tires off first.
My next one will be fast enough/more power, to win autocross racing it’s handling will be so good with it’s low cg, polar moment to beat most anything.
Look up the TriHawk to see how it is done with a gas RT.

For $25K, there are a lot of plug-ins I would buy before this. But hey, he seems passionate about his work, so more power to him.

This makes Mirai look pretty.

That’s unpossible.

Just because autocycles don’t require crash tests doesn’t mean you shouldn’t DO crash tests.
Who wants to be the first human crash test dummy in this thing?

Beware visiting the Shockwave Motors Website! When its home page loaded, a binary file was downloaded to the downloads folder of my computer’s file system. On a Mac, it’s not an executable file and seems harmless, but on a Windows computer, who knows?

Maybe that’s the shock part