Translogic Drives Cadillac ELR – Video


Cadillac ELR

Cadillac ELR

Recently, Jonathon Buckley from the Translogic series checked out the Cadillac ELR on Tesla’s home territory – California.

In the short presentation, we see a lot of comparisons to Chevrolet Volt, from which ELR inherits its drivetrain (improved in terms of performances) and battery pack, but sadly not the price.

According to Translogic, the $75,000 MSRP price of ELR is the main drawback, especially since this is close to trendy Tesla Model S.

This is not the first review in which price was criticized.  Neither is this the first review in which we hear the ELR being called the best-looking Cadillac.

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The car really does look stunning in person. Pictures don’t do it justice.

It’s too bad the price wasn’t a bit cheaper, but I’m not one to buy any car north of $40k, so even if it came down to what most would call a more reasonable level of $60k, it’s not for me. Nor are any Cadillacs.

But damn, if I win the lottery, I will own at least one of these 🙂

I really fancy the ELR, but baffled how it’s so expensive. There can’t be that much leather and luxury! It’s either that or GM purposely makes a high amount of profit because it’s a low production car. Something like 2000 untis per year.

Soon enough, just like the Chevrolet Volt, leased ELRs will be soon be cropping up for second hand in the next 2 to 3 years.

Yeah Clarkson, JB’s review seemed quite fair. I’ve finally sat in an ELR and while the interior is plush, it better be to be more than double the price of a VOLT. I’m currently in the Market for another car, and it will probably be either the ELR, a stripped 60 kw model S, or I’ll wait for the seemingly improved 2016 volt. It will also be interesting to see if the improvements for 2016 also carry over to the ELR, or whether the beyond Dismal sales figures will have cancelled it by then. As others have noted, Cadillac just hired a big manager who hates EV’s, which can’t be good for the ELR. All things being equal, I’d lean toward a stripped “S”, were it not for my horrible Tesla service experiences, and its dicey reliability, although the final word on that has not yet been written. A Caddy, if I have problems, I can physically go to the dealership and demand satisfaction; their Concierge service tends to make me think they will quickly take care of legitimate customer demands. Since the Buick Marque is the most popular in China, and the chinese are giving incentives for reduced particulate… Read more »

Totally agree! In black the ELR is the damned sexiest plug-in currently on the street… it’s just as awesome looking as the i8, but in a conventional sense versus a futuristic bad ass sense.

Well, I think he nailed the review.. Just like everyone else.. Great car, but the price is just too high.

Humbly offer, since displacement/performance is/has narrowed so much that a rice-rocket gives challenge to a car thrice-its-price, some bean-counter consortium Decided that the Only way to sell a car expensively is to even feebly attempt to make it look good – and therefore, we will Purposely make more pedestrian and less-profit-margined vehicle look down right Ugly, on purpose. For those with too much history on their hands, the Edsel was the poster child of whoops, looked good and futuristic on paper, but Damn is it ugly. Jump to 2000’s when the Japaugernaut came up with smiley-faced bug-eyed horror cars that made the Edsel look good, but, hey.. we Need a new car, these are The brands to buy, so I guess it’s not That bad looking. couple years more, Mercedes is now copying the bug-eye-headlight-begins-at-the-A-pillar look. I will say that the ugly-consortium has succeeded in changing what is marketable, as if you see anything often enough, you get used to it to the point that it doesn’t make you cringe to return to your own Phugly car, but the % chance of an Attractive Leaf or MiEV any time soon are somewhere south of pond-scum. Rant Reference? Gotta pay Twice… Read more »

Yeah, point taken..

For me, I’m not wild about Cadillac ‘modern’ ‘contemporary’ styling in general. They look like soap box derby cars we may have built out of cardboard when 10 yrs old.

The styling would have to be refreshed one more time for me before it would be a no holds barred, gotta have car for me… I might just end up with a second 2016 volt….. As it is though, GM is one of the few automakers that is handling electrification right. Other’s opinions aside for the moment, the VOlt to my mind is one of the safest cars out there, even if the driver visibility is mediocre.