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JAN 13 2016 BY MARK KANE 8

Arcimoto SRK 8th Generation

Arcimoto SRK 8th Generation

Oregon-based Arcimoto, after several years of development, reached the 8th generation stage of the SRK.

The electric three-wheeler is scheduled for a 50-unit pilot production run, before full market launch expected in late 2016.

The price is expected to be $11,900, which is much less than earlier versions were forecasted to cost – and on par with some electric motorcycles.

“The last time we checked in with Arcimoto, the Oregon-based electric carmaker was on the 5th version of their prototype for an everyday electric vehicle. The year was 2011 and Arcimoto President and Founder Mark Frohnmayer was brimming with ideas to further improve the company’s SRK concept. Now, 4 years and 3 generations later, we catch up with Mark and the team at Arcimoto to see how the company’s 8th-gen SRK improves on its predecessors in every way. It’s lighter, faster, and less expensive.”

Arcimoto SRK is in fact a three-wheel motorycycle with a handlebar.

Depending on the battery pack, it will go 70 or 130 miles (116 km/209 km)on 12 or 20 kWh respectively. Two motors in the front take SRK from 0 to 60 mph in 7.5 seconds.

Arcimoto SRK 8th Generation

Arcimoto SRK 8th Generation

Target SRK Specifications
Weight & Measures
Curb Weight: 1,023 lbs.
Length: 106″
Width: 62″
Height: 61″
Battery System
Base Model: 12 kWh Arcimoto 18650 Li-Ion system
Extended Range: 20 kWh Arcimoto 18650 Li-Ion system
Overall Performance
Acceleration: 0-60 in 7.5s
Turning Circle: 27 feet
Controls: Electronic throttle
Power: 100% electric

Arcimoto SRK 8th Generation

Arcimoto SRK 8th Generation

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A few thousand more and you can buy a Spark EV (after tax-credits).

I love my Spark EV. But the price difference is pretty significant. Spark is $17,620 base after federal incentives, vs. the SRK at $10,710. Does nearly $7,000 really qualify as “a few”?

Regardless, I doubt they will be cross shopped. How many people compare ICE motorcycles with ICE city cars? Very different customer demographics.

And how fun would an SRK be in good weather? I can’t wait for a chance to ride one myself.

Why use dual motors? Sure you get torque vectoring but you also increase price with an extra motor, an extra motor controller and a more complex controlling software.

Simpler setup than using a diff and half-shafts?

This certainly would allow for smaller less expensive motors that could be easier to replace if needed.

Also, redundancy; if one motor fails, you may still be able to limp home.

Simpler? Hardly! You need an extra motor, an extra inverter, extra sensors and software in a microcontroller to precisely adjust the relative frequency between the motors to perform torque vectoring.
A diff consists of a few gears and shafts.
I’m pretty sure that two 50 kW motors (for example, I don’t know what the actual specs are) cost more than one 100 kW motor.

Can you get a federal tax credit on electric trikes? This looks like a very cool outfit.
I think this is what Elio’s efforts would look like if he was a builder and not a promoter.
I would miss heat and AC, but this looks like a ton of fun to drive/ride.

Yes, 10% of the purchase price.

What they left out of the info is what speed those raneg numbers were calculated at… E.g., looking at Zero’s product page, city riding gives you double the range of 70mph riding.

This isn’t really different from numerous other trike projects — I’ll be very surprised if it ever makes it into real volume production.