First Fatal Crash Involving Chevrolet Volt Tragically Claims Lives Of 3 Occupants

MAR 1 2016 BY STAFF 33

Wrecked Chevy Volt

Wrecked Chevy Volt

On 7 PM this past Saturday in Bethesda, Maryland, three occupants within a Chevrolet Volt lost their lives after a devastating collision at an intersection that’s referred to as one of the most dangerous in the state.

A fourth occupant of the Volt is reportedly in serious condition and was immediately hospitalized with life-threatening injuries.

According to police, “a BMW was traveling west on River Road when it hit a Volt that was traveling east and attempting to turn left onto Pyle Road,” reports NBC Washington.

To our knowledge this is this first fatality to be recorded in association with a Chevrolet Volt.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by this tragedy. According to NBC Washington:

“Four people in the Volt, two parents and two children, were all seriously injured from the collision. Michael Buarque De Macedo, 52, Alessandra M. Buarque De Macedo, 53, and Thomas Michael Buarque De Macedo, 17, later died.”

Wrecked Volt Covered With Tarp

Wrecked Volt Covered With Tarp

“Helena Buarque De Macedo, 16, has been hospitalized with life-threatening injuries. Helena is a sophomore at Walt Whitman High School; her brother, Thomas, was a senior.”

The driver of the BMW, Ogulkan Atakoglu, 20, sustained non-life-threatening injuries, but was still transported to a local trauma center.

Following this deadly incident, the State Highway Administration will open a new investigation into this intersection (described in detail in the video).

No charges have been filed at this time. The police investigation is ongoing.

Source: NBC Washington, Hat tip to Eric!

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Time to get radar collision prevention standard in all cars.
BMW drivers should keep their cars under control.

yet another accident that might not have happened, or been less-fatal if Americans just built more damned roundabouts.

Very sad. Is this the first documented fatality in a Volt?

Very sad news indeed.

To my knowledge, these are the first recorded fatalities among occupants of a Volt/Ampera.

Yes this is the first on-road fatality in connection with the Chevy Volt, unfortunately ending a fairly remarkable run…we struggled with running this story or not, if it was not for that fact (and the oft-quoted Volt historical record for accident fatalities) the story would not have made the news rotation, as it is a pretty tragic/sad occurrence.

I think you guys were absolutely right to run this story. IMO the news should reflect reality good or bad. The reality is 1 fatal road crash in 5 years.

How it’s possible somebody to like this in Facebook?

Some people “like” merely to acknowledge they’ve seen the post….not because they actually like the contents.

yeah and now facebook gives alternate like emotes, such as a crying face, this point is less valid. Though I suppose some people are still unaware of this new feature

It must have been Donald Trump.

Why do you liberals have to make EVERYTHING political. your obama killed a lot more babies than Republicans killed adults.

Why do complete strangers (InsideEV’s readers) have to learn about someone else’s tragedy?

It’s already all over the news….at least Maryland news stations.

The fact this is the first documented fatality of a Volt driver (sad) is newsworthy.

I guess we can add an asterisk and say the Gen 1 Volt is still without a documented fatality.

True, Gen 1 Volts still have zero fatalities, which is pretty remarkable to say the least. Very safe car.

I’m curious to learn more about the details of this accident, particularly, the speed of the BMW.

If it’s all over the news, it doesn’t mean it’s newsworthy. The only reason Volts have had no fatalities is that its drivers are not aggressive, more educated and they probably had a bit of luck (unfortunately until now).

Since it was already widely reported in mainstream news, there really isn’t much harm in reporting it in EV news outlets as well. Especially when it involves a currently-in-production EV.

Plus, this could raise new questions about the Gen 2 Volt: is it as structurally sound as the Gen 1 Volt?

Nothing to do with the safety of the car lol. Considering how many Gen 1s I have seen scrapped due to accidents I would say your point is invalid.

The collision was between a BMW & a 16 volt?

And what if you’re from a country where there are no Chevy volts? Well, I do sometimes see Chevys here. Seen two in the past 10 years.

Does anyone know how many fatalities in the LEAF?

Last I heard it was one when a large tree fell on the car.

A-pillar, new driver?

A-pillar shouldn’t have been a factor….if he was waiting to turn left before he actually turned, the Volt driver should have had a clear view of oncoming traffic out the windshield.

Of course it was dark at the time of the accident, which was probably a factor. Plus the BMW driver was likely speeding, based off the 10 prior speed infractions he was cited for before this tragic accident.

This is really sad, a big tragedy for the family and community and an important reminder for the rest of us to be safe out there.

Is this a Gen2 Volt?

Did the BMW T-Bone the Volt or hit it at the front passenger side?

3 people dead sounded pretty severe or at least very high speed.

Truly sad.

Very sad indeed, prayers to the family.

Yes, Gen 2 Volt.

Yes, BMW appears to have T-boned them.

Very curious about BMW speed and whether occupants of Volt were wearing seat belts.

This is a massive tragedy but the fact that the volt has been on sale for 5 years before the first fatality is the best answer yet to the literally hundreds of stories that were run in the early days about EV’s being unsafe.

Incredibly sad to see this story but a clean sheet for 5 years is a clear irrefutable signal that a well designed and engineered EV is as safe (or safer) than a regular ICE car.

+1 I just typed in a long response to somebody else’s post. If I’d read yours first I could have just pointed them here….


What’s the big deal with “first” fatality I a specific vehicle
??? What am I missing?

It is a bit of ugly politics that came out of anti-EV bashers half a decade ago claiming that everybody would die in a car wreck involving an electric vehicle.

These anti-EV trolls with their fear-mongering created a counter-response of showing statistically that they were simply wrong, and that EV’s actually had a lower number of fatalities than ICE cars, with many EV’s maintaining a zero percent fatality rate for years. In other words, the lack of deaths in EV’s was being tracked to prove the trolls wrong.

It worked, as we don’t have trolls posting on every EV story on every EV board saying that EV’s are death traps.

Now, without that context, it does seem odd. I hope that puts the angle of this story in the correct context.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the survivor, family, and friends.

Especially any who might visit us here through web search engines while searching for anything about their loved-ones.

Unless this was a totally out of the ordinary T-Bone, and you can’t gleen too much info out of one crash, but the fact that 3 people died and a 4th is in serious condition, tends to indicate initially that the GEN 2 is *Not* as safe as the GEN 1.

Previous posters have compared the GEN 1 to a ‘TANK’, when comparing the rear end to a Prius.

Perhaps GM has gone somewhat too far with their weight-shaving.

The GEN 1 (2011-2015) has been in some pretty horrific accidents where the driver has always at least limped away. And, thankfully, no deaths so far even though many Chevy Volts, Vauxhall/Opel Amperas and Holden Volts have been sold.

After police investagation the BMW was going 115 mph 75 miles over the speed limit of a posted 45 mph no car could have with stood a T-bone at that speed