Toyota’s Latest Electric Car Is Crafted From Wood


Toyota Setsuna, Image Credit: BoldRide

Toyota Setsuna, Image Credit: BoldRide

Toyota premiered a wooden electric concept car, called the Setsuna, at Milan Design Week in Italy in April and we figured it was high time to pass along some of the highlights of that release.

Setsuna translates to “moment“, and the company is using this to symbolize the fact that, being constructed of wood, the car will be “ever-changing“.

Toyota Setsuna, Image Credit: Fortune

Toyota Setsuna, Image Credit: Fortune

Many different types of wood will be used for various parts of the two-seater, from the frame and exterior, to the floor and seats. The exterior of the vehicle was built in conjunction with Sumitomo Forestry.

While the car would change color and texture from environmental factors, it would retain its shape and durability.

Toyota engineer, Kenji Tsuji, explained:

“We evaluated various ways to express the concept and selected different lumber materials for specific applications, such as Japanese cedar for the exterior panels and Japanese birch for the frame. We also paid particular attention to the sizes and arrangements of individual parts.”

The company employed a traditional Japanese art called “okuriari”, to join the structures of the car together with no nails or screws. Tsuji said:

“The completed body line of the Setsuna expresses a beautiful curve reminiscent of a boat. We would also like the viewer to imagine how the Setsuna will gradually develop a complex and unique character over the years. The car includes a 100-year meter that will keep time over generations, and seats that combine functional beauty with the gentle hue of the wood.”

Many companies are pushing forward now more than ever to get an upper hand in the electric car market. Concepts like the Setsuna may never see mass production, but many recent “mainstream” concepts will soon hit showrooms.

Source: InformationWeek

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I got a woody just reading this ?

Then you’ll probably enjoy reading about Toyota’s other electric car, which is crafted from bones. 😉

If you purchase your Toyota there, you can say you have a Boner.

Sorry, but this is embarrassing, I am ashamed for Toyota. So much potential, what a waste.

Toyota is today’s Oldsmobile.

Good luck in case of a crash

Since when did paneling help in a crash?

It reminds me of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Swap out those 2 Cs to Ss and you’re on to something.

If Toyota decides to sell this EV, I wood buy it.

You wood not.

Wood too.

The pics in the article don’t do the Setsuna justice. There is a good gallery of pics in the link below.

It seems like every 2 years my deck tries to rot on me. The last thing I need is to have to constantly refinish my car too.

In case anyone is interested in the Setsuna’s top speed, battery type, battery capacity, and AER, I found it in another article:

“The display vehicle is drivable (up to a top speed of 45 km/h, or 28 mph) but Toyota has not made it street legal. Surprisingly for Toyota, the Setsuna is an electric car. With a full charge of its six 12-volt, lead-acid batteries, the vehicle’s range is approximately 25 km [15.5 miles].”

So instead of devoting resources to developing practical EV’s, Toyota wastes time and money doing crap like this, just like with the cardboard Lexus a while back.

They’re also probably wondering how Tesla got 400k reservations for the Model 3 when clearly people were asking for hydrogen fuel cell cars lol.