Toyota Will Sell GAC Electric Cars In Its Showrooms In China

JUN 13 2018 BY MARK KANE 6

Toyota is in talks with GAC Motor to sell GAC’s electric cars in its Chinese dealerships to deal with New Energy Vehicle quota requirements from 2019.

Toyota Corolla PHEV version

Automakers will be required to collect 10% NEV credits, but several credits can be earned with 1 plug-in sale, so the effective share of plug-ins will be much lower than 10%.

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Toyota already announced two plug-in hybrids for 2019 – Corolla PHEV and Levin PHEV – and announced an all-electric compact SUV – C-HR BEV/IZOA BEV that will be manufactured respectively by GAC Toyota Motor and FAW Toyota Motor JVs.

The reports about upcoming sales of GAC-branded BEV cars under the Toyota roof suggest that Toyota needs more NEVs credits than it’s able to generate itself (single BEV sold generates several credits).

“Toyota Motor Corp is taking an unprecedented route to meet China’s stringent green car quotas: its showrooms will sell an electric vehicle without the Japanese company’s distinctive triple-oval logo.

Instead, it will feature the label of GAC Motor, Toyota’s Chinese partner, and will be built around GAC’s lower-cost technology.

The move – a first for Toyota – will give GAC access to the Japanese carmaker’s stringent quality control, prestige and sales channel. For Toyota, it presents a quick way to meet Beijing’s requirements that such vehicles represent 10 percent of an auto manufacturer’s production by 2019.”

According to Reuters, by the end of this year, Toyota showrooms will receive the GAC ix4 electric compact SUV, based on GAC’s Trumpchi GS4.

Source: Reuters

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(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Gotta sell someone else’s procucts because you slacked off on BEV’s and poured yo money in FOO CELL……….ROTFLMAO

I just wish it was hitting them harder.

“Automakers will be required to collect 10% NEV credits, but several credits can be earned with 1 plug-in sale, so the effective share of plug-ins will be much lower than 10%.”

How does this Chinese credits system work?

Several kinds of Plug-In models with several ranges earn several different number of credits?

An overview of this system would be very informative.

It is pretty complicated….

The base is though that PHEVs with over 50 km range can get 1-2 credits.

BEVs with a range above 100 km and top speed above 100 km/h can get up to 6 credits.

FCVs with a range above 300 km can get up to 5 credits.

So what we really would need is someone doing the calculations for (all) the different models sold on the Chinese market so that we could get a better idea on how many credits different manufacturers can get with their cars.

Toyota Europe is doing very well on CO2 target because they sell a lot of hybrids. They don’t have the problems the other manufacturers have with the end of low CO2 diesel vehicles.

I still find it very disappointing that they don’t make a family BEV for the US and Europe. I know they want to bring the same ease of use, quality and profitability as their current hybrid vehicles and they did bet on fuel cell, but they must be able to bring a compelling BEV. They have been making reliable BEV for a long time now, I just don’t want to drive a forklift every day.

I am voting with my pocket book – No Toyota for me and I do not recommend them. It will be interesting to see if they survive this ill-planned move to EVs. I am not optomistic. They continue to show disdain for being forced to build any all-electric drive car or truck and you get the sense they are being dragged, kicking and screaming, into the future. Ten years ago I predicted that they would own the BEV space, but they have thoroughly disappointed all of us.