Toyota Turns to DirecTV to Pitch RAV4 EV at Targeted Audience



Toyota RAV4 EV

Toyota RAV4 EV

Does Toyota actually want to sell more of its RAV4 EVs?

Got One of These?  You Might be the Recipient of a Targeted RAV4EV Ad Then

Got One of These? You Might be the Recipient of a Targeted RAV4EV Ad Then

It sure seems that way.  Why else would Toyota team with DirecTV to target tech-savvy types in Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego (the only 3 markets in which the Toyota RAV4 EV is sold)?

Toyota says it reached out to DirecTV to see if the benefits of targeted advertising pay off.

In a nutshell, here’s how it works: DirecTV has a “tool” that “combs satellite-TV subscriber data” to zero in on a select market of individuals.  In the case of the RAV4 EV, DirecTV will seek out the tech-savvy, early adopter-types who reside in the 3 cities listed above.  This is known as dynamic advertising, in which ads only go out to subscribers who meet all criteria.  For the sake of brevity, we won’t discuss how it all works here.

Dionne Colvin, Toyota’s national media marketing manager, stated:

“A mass campaign doesn’t make sense.  But we do want to get the message out.”

We’re not yet sure how Toyota will pitch the RAV4 EV to potential buyers in those 3 cities, but if it can get the message out to the right groups of individuals, then selling or leasing the remaining examples of its limited production RAV4 EV could prove easy.

If you happen to reside in one of those 3 cities and subscribe to DirecTV, then let us know if you’ve seen a RAV4 EV ad on TV.  If you haven’t, then maybe you will soon.  Or maybe you just don’t fit the specific criteria of what Toyota thinks makes for a RAV4 EV buyer…who knows.

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I wonder if anyone will “comply” with their request to buy the RAV4EV.

Ho ho ho.

I would buy one in Arkansas if I knew that a Toyota dealership could work on it here without any extra charge.

Impossible…Toyota requires that it be serviced at the few certified dealerships in CA. You’d have to ship it there and back if it ever need work.

I think there’s a group here ( that discusses owning their Rav4 EV’s outside of California.

That’s my point. I just cannot justify sending it back and forth.

I’d buy one too if I could get it in Washington State…. Oh wait… I already did. Just don’t believe what your local dealer tells you about honoring warranty work. 5 times I was told by Rodland Toyota that they would perform warranty work. I was even invited, and attended their “new car owner meet and greet”. When they submitted the 5000K check up claim, Toyota Corp through a fit. Big brother won’t even honor tire rotation. Very sad Toyota.
Early adopter gets screwed again. Luckily the car is so incredible that Toyota’s F/U attitude doesn’t phase me. $32,000 was my final cost after tax credit. 0 down, 0 interest, 0 sales tax, 140 mile range. WOW

I’ve owned a lot of Toyotas in my life – my aging hybrid and minivan are both Toyotas. I was even looking at the RAV4 EV until I learned that the warranty is not honored outside CA. Now I feel that if this is their attitude towards EVs then my attitude towards Toyota is screw them. They make great, reliable cars, but they aren’t the only manufacturer who does.