Toyota Has Now Sold More Than 65,000 Prius Plug-In Hybrids

OCT 30 2014 BY MARK KANE 22

Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid

Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid

Toyota, despite not showing a strong commitment to plug-in cars (especially all-electric) sold to date more than 65,000 Prius Plug-in Hybrids, which is one of the highest results among plug-in models.

The level of 65,310 was hit at the end of September, in which total sales amounted to 1,451.

The only plug-in cars with better overall results are Nissan LEAF and Chevrolet Volt, which were available on the market about year longer than Prius PHEV.

But sales of Prius Plug-In are not developing as one would imagine. In the first year (2012), sales quickly went high to 27,279. In the following year, the Japanese company was able to sell only 21,381, which is a 22% drop. Then, sales stabilized and it looks like 2014 will probably be similar to 2013 with 16,650 units sold through the first 9 months.

Some 22,000 units in 2014 (our prediction) will likely not encourage Toyota to look more graciously on plug-in cars.

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The 65,000 is a worldwide number, right? Looks like they’ve sold less than half of that in the US.

AMazing! Toyota is not even into EV, and still beats Tesla in total sales!
This shows, that a PHEV with practical sized battery is the winning formula in this race to electrification.

Or this shows that a 30.000$ car can beat a 70.000$ car in total sales… 😉

What makes it more amazing is that the PiP is still only available normally in 15 states.

I wonder what the number would be if they rolled it out nationwide like they had originally intended…

Considering they have the weakest PHEV on the market and considering the number sold, it should tell them quite the opposite – that if they were to make a better product they’d probably be able to sell a load more PHEVs.

It even looks like they purposefully designed a very weak PHEV system just to try to come back later and prove a point on how electric cars are not that good and Hydrogen cars are better.

Hopefully, this nugget shows the math of $kwh to $gallons is slowly sinking in.

Great, can’t wait to see the New Prius.

But, Toyota, no one wants a Bomb on Wheels, No Hydro Bull.

every gas car is a bomb on wheels including phev.

Heh, But not at 10,000 pounds, per square inch! lol

Fuel available now at one of 15 Hy Filliing Stations nationaly Vs more then 1.5 billion 110V AC outlets in North America!



Thomas J. Thias


Stop the FUD. Hydrogen is safer than gas.

Every electric car is a fireworks on wheel. Just look back at this years July 4th crash.

Riding a bigger bomb?

Nice to see Darth Vader again.

But the lack of PIP sales is probably because Toyota isn’t advertising it, similiar to the scary ads GM ran regarding the EV1. Most of those didn’t even show the whole car.

And Toyota hanging their hat on FCV’s looks to be a big strategic mistake. Of course, being the largest car company in the world means they can piss away $Millions before it really starts to hurt them financially, but sooner or later they’ll realize there is no customer demand for these vehicles.

Cheapest long-range green sticker (cue the angelic choir singing) compliant econobox? Doesn’t really surprise me that they sell a bunch of them, even if they’re a laughable phev effort.

Adding context …

2011 … 2012 … 2013 … 2014

Prius Plug-In sales (global)
N/A … 27,279 … 21,381, … 16,650 (est)

Prius Plug-In (US)
N/A … 12,750 … 12,088 … 15,000 (est)

Volt (US)
7,671 … 23,641 … 23,094 …21,000 (est)

9,674 … 9,819 … 22,610 … 29,000 (est)

Model S (US)
N/A … 2,650 … 17,650 … 19,000 (est)

Three interesting trends not noted in article:
1) year over year (YoY) global sales decreasing as US sales have been flat
2) US sales make up larger & larger percentage of global sales each year
3) BEV numbers increasing YoY (LEAF & Model S) vs. flat PHEV sales YoY (PiP & Volt)

note: US LEAF sales will total over 66,000 when reported on Nov 3, vs. 64,000 Global Prius Plug-In sales. Model S sales have already passed 50,000 global (sep) but exact number will not be released until Q3 earnings report.

A related article posted after this comment:

Worldwide Toyota Prius-plug-in Sales with Graphs for N.A., EU & Asia.

Who’s going to pay for every gas station in America converting to Hydrogen, and why would you do that once you’ve seen a VOLT.

Toyota, either look around and review your direction, or RETIRE.

I don’t like this car, i think it’s ill-favored.

Mike said:

“Who’s going to pay for every gas station in America converting to Hydrogen, and why would you do that once you’ve seen a VOLT.”

The question of who is going to pay to convert all these gas stations to hydrogen is simple….. The Taxpayer……

The Oil Companies who make Billions in profits every quarter want Joe and Sally American to pay for the H2 build out so that fossil fuel companies can abuse us with hydrogen for the next 100 years.

Hydrogen isn’t a fossil fuel. And saying that the oil companies (who will make their money regardless, be it from petroleum or hydrogen) want to abuse the public with natural-gas-derived hydrogen is like saying that Big Coal is trying to sell EVs to keep the coal power plants running.

Well, Coal is also a good source of H2. But I’m still unimpressed by hydrogen-fired cars.

It’s shame Toyota could not muster an AFFORDABLE Highlander Hybrid plug in.

Here comes the Outlander PHEV to heat up the market!!