Toyota Prius Prime Ads To Target Younger “Tech-Savvy, Knowledge-Hungry Drivers”


Lisa McQueen, media manager for Toyota Motor Sales USA, stated that new Toyota ads (sample of which below) will be targeted at Prius Prime buyers who “see their vehicle as an extension of their consumption of advanced technology.”

“As Toyota markets its new Prius Prime plug-in hybrid the automaker is going after a very specific consumer: tech-savvy, knowledge-hungry drivers ages 18-49 with household incomes of $75,000 or more and who tend to be environmentally conscious but also economical.”

States Automotive News. And this ad seen below is part of that campaign.

McQueen expanded on Toyota’s thought process:

“Addressable TV is an efficient way to reach those consumers while still taking advantage of the premium linear TV positioning to build awareness.”

Enough on marketing already…

This Prius Prime spot is actually rather entertaining and well done.

Toyota Prius Prime Ad Screen Grab

Toyota Prius Prime Ad Screen Grab

John Payne, Saatchi’s (the firm behind this advertisement for Toyota) executive creative director, sums up the ad spot as such:

“What this campaign is out to do is to change people’s perception of what they get when they buy a Prius — so this is the new possible.”

Source: Automotive News

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It’s still ugly.

I’m sorry but as the target market I refuse to buy any new car without Android Auto or Apple Carplay nor does that huge screen impress me

I completely agree.

Weird that they left it out on a car marketed to techies.

I agree. I cannot even consider a Toyota, Mazda, or Nissan (besides the new Maximal because they lack such a useful feature. It’s a shame.

There has been some debate here about if the prime will bring new customers to the plugin market….. people who think differently to the early adopter ev nuts, just saying.

If they are tech savvy then they will realize that the Prius Prime is garbage compared to the Chevy Volt (or Bolt).

Well, I drove my 2004 Prius 770 Kms on a tank, from full to empty…had a call to CAA/AAA for a Gallon of gas to prove it went right to out of gas! This new Prime at 640 miles range exceeds 1000 Kms. The Volt tops out at about what…392 miles? So the Prime will get you farther from a charging and back with less stress! But yes…still ugly!

My ’92 Sentra went over 380K miles on gas. How is that high tech?

And yeah, it looks like a Transformer toy, that will turn into a robot at any second.

Oops! It was a ’93. Junked it 14 months ago. Have gone 14,257 miles on electric assist bicycles since then.

You don’t want a big tank in a gas optional PHEV. It’s just more gas to go bad.

The “garbage” claim is just an empty claim.

Prime delivers a full EV drive experience, backed up by the industry’s most efficient HV drive.

The charge sustain MPG is a lot better than a gen2 volt. Probably
55MPG easily. Wish Chevy would have upped their game in that regard.

I think Chevy did improve its MPG on gas but it certainly isn’t as high as Prius’. However, most people will do most of their driving on electricity with a Volt such that Prius only wins if you are a person that does MANY LONG driving trips.

Lipstick on a pig. It’s one of the shortest-ranged, tiniest-battery-capacity PHEVs on the market.

And it’s still one of the ugliest cars being made today. In fact, the only reason I can’t say it’s the ugliest is that the Mirai is even fuglier.

Sadly, this will probably be the #1 PEV of 2017, at least worldwide if not also in the North American market.

Actually, that’s where you are wrong. As far as PHEVs go, its 25 mile range beats out the vast majority of them. That isn’t so much praise for the Prius Prime as it is complaining about the rest of them. But it is what it is.

It is a prety ugly car but the reality is that sexy does not sell many cars outside of exotics…
What sells is utility functionality and realibity which is how Toyota became the largest auto co in the world…
I would guess that most of the people buying one might not buy from another auto co or wouldnt buy a BEV in the first place so it is still a good thing…

You would think someone who wants to help spur the EV revolution, which of many people means getting a car with a gas engine still, and help out the planet would think that a car that is capable of putting a large chunk of its miles down using electricity would be in favor of the likely financial choice for most people. A Prius that can drive on electricity further, costs less than its non plug in sibling, and looks better than the standard is a good thing, a very good thing. I think an offering like this will do quite a bit of good to get things moving along.

Or is it just that you are whining because Tesla didn’t do it? Did you just come here in to bash it because that is what it seems like Pupu.

No one made you click in this article and post. No one is forcing you to buy one. Why not just move along??? Oh ya that’s right. You can’t actually say anything nice about something non-Tesla related. Duh!!!

If you are only going 25 miles on electric, why not take an electric assist bicycle? Get an order of magnitude better efficiency. Many e-bikes will run the federal legal limit of 28 mph at 25 Wh/mile, or less, vs 253 Wh/mile for the Prime. If you need to run part of your commute on highways, how about the e-bike for the last section in the city?

I’m not even sure that deserves an answer. But when I take my daughter to school, go to the grocery store, or go to work, I do not want to be riding a #$*@ bicycle. Especially when it is 110 degrees outside, or raining, or snowing, etc. And while I like my Volt better, it is very rare that I drive more than 15 miles between charges. A Prius Prime would work fine for me, as would one of Ford’s Energi cars. Heck a BMW i8 would work for the most part if I could afford it and actually get in and out of it without bumping my head.

Americans are largely to soft for that including me plus I dont like riding in trafic die to morons and breathing in polition while exerting…
Plus Tucson has 100 miles of usable bike paths but eBikes are illegal on them…
I would still like to get one when the prices are a little better and hopefuly they will update laws allowing higher power eBikes that can go without oedal power…

Can I safely take my kids to school on a windy 2 lane road on a bike?

Can I hit up Costco with a full sized cooler on a bike?

Can I take the Mrs out for date night on a bike?

After I have swam 3 miles and am exhausted do I really want to pedal, even assisted pedaling, home?

Can I bring a trunk full of presents to and from family members houses??

The list goes on and on.

So you guys are saying that bicycles are inconvenient, and dangerous. I suggest much of that is the fault of cars making the roads noisy, polluted, and unsafe. Try going to places that have a real bicycle infrastructure, and you will see what I mean. The alternative is ruining the planet for everyone. And you get to choose. See, you as important as you think you are.

I actually live in a place that is very bike friendly. A colleague of mine was recently just slammed in to by a car and is extremely lucky he isn’t dead.

No thanks… if it works for you than great by all means do it but to many of us a bike is not realistic at all. Personally I think bikes make much more sense in urban centers where speeds are low as are typical distances. Commuting from the burbs in to the city regardless of how bike friendly it is, is likely going to be unsafe, inconvenient, and unrealistic.

Agreed. I have been saying it is past time to ban cars, for 40 years!

I think it looks great.

I went to test drive one today. I called ahead and asked them to charge it. They said they would. When i got there the car wasn’t charged and couldnt run in EV mode.

That’s unfortunate. I would have expected that from a GM dealer. I hoped Toyota dealers would take this more seriously.

Yet another idiotic “we have more range than a EV” ad…

Yeah.. I really don’t get the huge range argument other than as a marketing gimmick. I would MUCH rather sacrifice half or more of the gas tank for an extra 10 miles of EV range. Honestly, for a PHEV I think 200 miles is more than adequate for the gas range. The BMW i3 is sort of pushing the opposite extreme with it’s 80-ish miles of gas range.

Got my Prius Prime two weeks ago – with a 90 mi daily commute, the 600+ range on a fill-up and single charge-up is one of the things I’m most excited about. With my CR-V, I had to stop every fourth day for a fill-up. I’m hoping to go once a week now.

Imagine you would have had a BMW i3 REx instead. 97 miles on electricity and then a backup gas tank.

Then you would barely every have to go to the gas station.

It’s great that you got a plug-in now, but you could have had one that matched your driving pattern even better. 😛

Good point — that i3 could have worked even better for me. However, that BMW i3 is not at the same price point. Same reason I did not consider a Tesla.

2017 FFE may have worked for you since it’s capable of 120+ miles range, comes with DCFC, and $22.5K after fed tax credit. Ioniq would’ve been another candidate, though pricing is not yet known. With BEV, you’d “fill up” at home while sleeping and not waste time going to filling stations.

Sounds like there are a lot of excellent choices out there to fit a range of styles and needs. Thanks for the info.

I have 2005 Prius. At 179,000 still running great. These cars are used as Taxis in Seattle mostvarw on 200,000 and going strong. All I’ve ever repaired on the car is tires and routine maintenance. Best car I’ve ever owned. Time to update the seats look and apparently the connections to various phone’s. It’s still a workhorse of a car.

This prius looks nice but 25 mile electric range isn’t much. Too bad the volt wastes interior space and is ugly or I would consider it. Hopefully chevy makes a more prius like aesthetic in the future. In the meantime my 2012 prius will have to do.

Still a slow poke.

When Toyota upgrades the Prius performance to at least Camry level, then I will give it some credits. (But it probably won’t get 50+mpg anymore at those performance level).