Toyota Prius Plug-In Gets A Big Price Drop In UK Ahead Of Launch

FEB 17 2017 BY MARK KANE 12

The Toyota Prius Plug-in (Prime) hasn’t even managed to go on sale yet in the UK (scheduled for March 1), but that hasn’t stopped the Japanese manufacturer from lowering the pricing significantly.

Why do this?  The Prius Plug-In has been selling very well so far in the US.

Perhaps the company looked at how they priced the 2nd gen Prius PHV elsewhere in the world (ie-competitively), and decided the UK MSRP made no sense.  It certainly didn’t to us.

The New Toyota Prius Plug-in aka Prius Prime

The new price is nearly 10% lower than previously announced … down some £3200, which should help to bridge the gap between the plug-in and conventional hybrid versions of the Prius.

The new Toyota Prius Plug-In pricing (without £2,500 plug-in car grant) is:

  • Business Edition Plus: £31,695 / ≈$39,600 on the road price or £33,195 with sunroof
  • Excel: £33,385 on the road price

Lowering the price also is good weapon in strengthening its value in comparison to other models.

source: Autocar

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How much are they losing per car? 😀

I suspect they’re cutting the margin to the bone to move volume and will hope people will buy the higher spec.

Tough to guess pricing right now given the weakness and instability of Sterling.

Toyota is now losing more money on the PIP in the UK! Toyota Shareholders are really going to have to tighten their belts now!?
The GM Bolt has nothing on this Toyota PIP Money Pit!

It’s still the same price as the Outlander PHEV which has similar electric only range,

Can’t see it doing well even with business users.

It depends on how much the buyers care about fuel cost. Even 50mpg(Imp) v 40mpg(Imp) is a saving of 2.66p/mile. And that’d be on top of cheaper cost for the electric miles.

I guess we will have to wait and see,

I am averaging 73 mpg including electricity costs with my Outlander PHEV and it has 5 seats a huge boot (trunk), amittinglly I have only travelled 15.7K miles in 22 months.

IF Toyota has made a strategic decision to move into the BEV space, this could be an opening move. Most accounts indicate that they lost money on the first generation Prius – but dominated the hybrid space to this day. Selling Prius Primes at cost, or even below, could be a Toyota corporate decision to capture customers with the product they have today, and that they could easily produce at volume (already do except for the larger battery- which can probably scale up quickly if desired). Once Toyota has a BEV product, they could convert Prius Prime customers (and other Prius customers) with good conversion rates.

Toyota should be making a lot of money by selling PIP @ £31,695.

A bigger vehicle like C-HR is price @ £20,995. How do you justify a £11,000 increase.

The 8 KWh battery should cost just $ 1,600 at $200/KWh. Add in the motor and other components and it may never exceed £2,000 by any means. So a vehicle that should sell at £23,000 is priced at £31,695 for £9,000 profit.

When the competition picks up, the prices will fall down.

Can anyone explain such a huge difference in prices between USA (starting from 27100$) and Europe 39600$?

The huge difference in price would matter in real life if you were able to purchase widely in US. I live in Chicago and have been trying to get one since Oct2016 with deposit down. Dealer just called me and said: don’t know when I can they can get one for me. It may be several months.

Is it £29,195 (Toyota website) or £31,695? The difference is exactly £2,500, so likely it is due to the goverment incentive for plugin hybrids. However, I haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere on the Toyota website.

Anyway, £29,195, be it before or after the incentive, starts looking interesting (regular Prius is £24,100). Some would choose the plugin version simply because it looks much better than the regular Prius.

Also, the most popular Toyota hybrids in the UK are Yaris and Auris. Both cheaper and better looking. Hopefully someday they will get a plug as well.

Update: regular Prius is £26,800 at Business Edition Plus.