Toyota PR Department Keeps It Coming: More i-Road Promo, More “Future Of Mobility” Videos

OCT 22 2013 BY JAY COLE 15

We are not exactly sure what the Toyota PR department is up to lately, but we do know they are working some late nights at their HQ – which is located interestingly enough in Toyota City.

"Hey, Get That Thing Off The Greens"

“Hey, Get That Thing Off The Greens”

Toyota Global has out a couple new promo videos, the first has more background and footage on the i-Road (above), a 38 mile city EV that has just been announced for limited production in Japan, albeit with one less seat than was shown in the concept i-Road … now down to 1 seat in total.

The second promo trailer (below) further details their Future of Mobility concept, which includes Toyota’s ultimate goal – “zero casualties from traffic accidents” while “optimizing the energy use of the entire community, achieving eco-friendly lifestyles with a high quality of life.”

It also occurs to us that Toyota’s home auto show – the Tokyo Motor Show opens in about 4 weeks (of which we will be there); so maybe it is just about the right time to ratchet up the good vibes ahead of that event.

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I think Toyota is trolling EVs.

With EV’s trying to shed the “golf-car” image, it doesn’t help that they show this thing on a golf course.


I have to admit, I’d probably buy one of these things as a compliment to existing cars (in place of, for example, a motorcycle) but as usual these types of things end up costing as much as a car, so I’ll end up having to pass. I’d probably buy one for $6,000.

If it had even 80 miles of range, and if it could go even 50-60 MPH, it might be worth it. As it is, it’s pretty useless.

You dont want to go 80 miles in this here…thing, do you?:0

especially with just one seat.
You need the second seat to either drive with a friend, better half, son or daughter, or carry small amount of cargo, like a rucksack, suitcase, briefcase, or computer.

(and: “of which we will be there”.
don’t you mean: ‘at which we will be’ or more simply: ‘which we will be at’?) 😉

It reminds me of the things that people were going around in on Wall-E. I think I would rather just walk than go short distances in a rolling Lay-Z-Boy.

I can’t take this kind of thing seriously. Toyota, bring out something better and/or cheaper than a Leaf, you’re running out of time.

What bothers me most about Toyota here, is they really seem to be invested into the hybrids they’ve done in the past, and are not focusing on the future. Where is the promotion of hybrids in the Lexus line? Why wouldn’t you push your latest tech to these higher margin vehicles? Instead they PR it up over a little micro car? Toyota really is the lumbering giant right now.

There’s a completely redesigned Prius right around the corner. They are developing the plug-in version in parallel with the regular hybrid. No telling what they may end up with. I suspect they have something significant in store, and that’s why they haven’t been talking much about anything new in the plug-in world.

@David. You know the upcoming Prius won’t break any new ground for Toyota. Even if they switch to 100% Lion batteries, that ain’t anything to brag about. I’m sure the Prii will continue to be super efficient, but I doubt the world will want to blog all about the new “9% improvement in ICE efficiency.” The design will be tired, just like the Corolla, and the car will be dead solid and boring. The real story here is a lack of Halo model for Toyota/Lexus. Ten years ago, Toyota had a strong philosophy of hybrid-izing every vehicle in their line up and making sure Lexus had one too. On the Lexus website you can get 5 different models in hybrid guise, but that’s technology now 5-10 years old. How is this considered “leading” or “halo” or “forefront” in anyone’s mind? Current Toyota owners may consider the “tried and true”, but what about the other 90% of the market?

The fact that it leans is cool. But this thing is a joke. OK, that is harsh but put out a real car EV AND this thing, Toyota.

Anything to avoid making a real plug-in… they have to milk their billions sunk in regular hybrids for as long as possible…


Weird Al on a segway.