Toyota: Mirai Fuel Cell Water Has Less Impurities Than Milk


Toyota Mirai

Toyota Mirai

Toyota Mirai

Toyota Mirai

In the words of musician Dave Matthews, “Don’t drink the water…

That’s basically what Toyota is stating in regards to the exhaust water vapor coming from its fuel cell Mirai:

“We tested the health impact of drinking the water in a special lab.ย  They said that compared to drinking milk, this drainage water has much fewer organic impurities.”

That’s according to Seiji Mizuno, the man in charge of designing Mirai’s fuel cell stack.ย  So, less impurities than milk in a controlled setting, but the environment in which Mirai operates determines what comes out:

“Depending on the place you are driving, some parts of the world might have certain issues, such as organisms like E. coli, which could be hazardous to your health.ย  You never know what the quality of the air intake is.”

The exit water is less acidic than beer, but it’s not sterile, so Toyota strongly advises against drinking it.ย  In fact, nobody at Toyota has ever drunk the water.

So, please…“don’t drink the water.”

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Since cow flatulence gives off more C02 each year into our atmosphere than cars and trucks, I think it would behoove someone to just figure out how to power all of our transportation with milk. Why not?

Bag all of this discussion about hydrogen, and just power our wheels with moo juice. And put a tap in there so I can get my calcium on the go, please…

Cow flatulence does not give off more carbon dioxide than cars and trucks.

Isn’t it methane anyway?

It is, and that is why it contributes more to climate change than transportation, as methane is a more potent greenhouse gas

I see what you did there ๐Ÿ™‚

If we started powering our cars with milk, wouldn’t that shoot milk prices sky high. A gallon of milk already costs more than a gallon of gas now, please don’t make it any worse. I like drinking milk, please don’t make me give it up because it’s too expensive.


I know you’re being silly, but your point doesn’t make sense.

If cows already contribute to climate change so much, why would we want to increase demand for milk, increasing the amount of cows and greenhouse gasses they produce in the process?

Can’t wait till someone catches Legionnaires Disease” from the moist output of a contaminated hydrogen vehicle…

What kind of person are you, wishing that on another?

He’s someone with a sense of humor, unlike yourself.

That’s not humor.

He should have worded it differently. I dont think he meant he wanted someone to be diseased…

Ahahaha! ๐Ÿ˜€

Are you sure? I would still extract some measure of enjoyment from seeing moist, bacteria & fungus laden hydrogen cars spreading disease and pestilence wherever they’re used. Different pathogens for different local regions, of course. ๐Ÿ˜‰

BTW: BEV’s don’t spread disease…

“Legionnaires’ disease is a type of pneumonia caused by bacteria. You usually get it by breathing in mist from water that contains the bacteria. The mist may come from hot tubs, showers, or air-conditioning units for large buildings. The bacteria don’t spread from person to person.”

Anon, I didn’t know what that was so I looked it up. It may be dangerous, but at least it is treatable with anti-biotics. Just be glad he didn’t say Ebola, that’s just bad stuff, wouldn’t want to wish that on anyone.

Oops, meant that as a reply to Taser!

If you sucked a bat into an air intake whilst driving in Africa– you could call it an “Ebolamobile”. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I won’t drink the Hydrogen Koolaid either.

Not without LOTS of sugar!

You read my mind, Delta.

That’s probably one of Toyota’s more true statements. Of course, many things have “less impurities” than that “Ultra-Pasturized” stuff in the stores. I only drink that stuff when I run out of Amish Milk. Doesn’t seem to hurt them much, and they like seeing my Roadster when I make the trip, surprisiingly. The whirl of the drive motor and cooling pump and whish of the cooling fan is a reasuring sound to the horses.

Seriously, how cares? Are any of the 3000 ‘lucky’ drivers really going to even consider using their car as a source of drinking water?

I guess when you have so many people kissing your @$$ testing exaust becomes important.

โ€œDepending on the place you are driving, some parts of the world might have certain issues, such as organisms like E. coli, which could be hazardous to your health. You never know what the quality of the air intake is.โ€

Isn’t the air quality along roadways some of the worst in any metro area? Add in a pinch of road-grim for some exotic flavor โ€ฆ plus in the warm moist environment of an exhaust pipe some interesting bugs could find a nice home. Yumm!

I think the powers that be here are making the mistake that people still think Sterile Environments are the be all/end all.

THat’s of course contradicted by children being raised on a farm, such as Amish Kids, are exposed to ‘friendly’ bacteria from an early age, which gives their immune systems some innocuous diseases to practice on, whereas nowasdays Autism, for instance, used to be a 1 in 50000 occurance, and now in some cities its approaching 1 in 40, and city kids are far sicklier than the Amish.

Perhaps instead of worrying about the trivial amount of water coming from exhaust pipes from an overpriced car, these “Scientists” should be more concerned about why the Northern Pacific Ocean is becoming lifeless, i.e. Sterile.

That’s not any kind of future I care to be a part of.

For information:

Antibiotics and some food additives under age 3 appears to be likely cause of autism outbreak. It was discovered thanks to a mother that noticed antibiotics was the only difference between her twins when only one of them was diagnosed with the disease.

Um, correlation is not necessarily causation… This Autism thing has been debunked long ago.

Anti-vaxers are DUMB.

Please cure the problem then. I’d say 1 out of 40 is a problem. But to the powers that be, its only a statistic.

I think kids today are still better off then when we had no sterility at all and infant mortality was several orders of magnitude higher than it is.

Another wive’s tale. In fact of all the ‘modern industrialized countries’, the US ranks DEAD LAST in infant mortality.

Depends on how far you want to go back… If you’re including the 1800’s, then the most important Medical Advance was the utilization of SANITARY SEWERS in the cities. Life expectancy for everyone jumped about 20 years, just from this one medical advance. And the final debunking, once and for all, of Blood Letting, also saved lives.

The fact remains Medical Procedures rank as the leading cause of death in 2014. You could argue they were all necessary and the deaths were unavoidable. But I won’t make that argument.

The whole fuel cell thing is irriating to me. When we are mostly on a photo electic grid with most of our power coming from our roof tops (by 2016 it will be cheaper than grid power)why would we ever want to strengthen corporate energy by being reilient on hydrogen? Its all a ploy to keep us under the thumb of the power companies and to keep us from being self reliant!

I wonder how they get away with effectively banning solar cell installations in Florida unless FP&L happens to own them.

Its also very convenient that you are FORCED to connect to FP&L, in other words no house is allowed to be an ISLAND.

Its obvious to me, that with Florida getting 3 to 4 times as much sun as I do, that solar panels on people’s houses would makes such gobs of electricity, that Joe Six Pack would start saying:

“This is great! Why do we need that High Priced FP&L anymore?”.