Toyota Is About To Send The Mirai Back To The Future – (Update: More videos)

OCT 15 2015 BY JAY COLE 42

Toyota has reunited Back To The Future actors Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd to wax nostalgic about the date – October 21st, 2015, and the predictions made in that movie about the year 2015.

Toyota Mirai's Offical On-Sale Date In US - Oct 21st, 2015

Toyota Mirai’s Offical On-Sale Date In US – Oct 21st, 2015

Fans of the film may recall this rapidly approaching date “from the future” in the second installment of the film trilogy.  Toyota says this is also the official on-sale date for the fuel cell Mirai.

Update: Another teaser video (“Statler Toyota”) has now been released, see it below

Back To The Future is celebrating its 30th anniversary, and Toyota says it plans on “mark(ing) the film’s anniversary with a modern twist.”

The company has even created a microsite counting down the days to the event – which you can check out here.

Look for the Mirai to get a little Back To The Future post-production marketing bump in Toyota’s re-imagining of the film inclusive of its FCV.  The full video will be launched October 21st.

Video (below): Another/original teaser from Toyota

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Back to the Drawing Board.& A New* Powertrain May be a much better Idea….

+1000 🙂

Sacrilege to the Back to the Future series. Disappointed that Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd signed on for this marketing trash. Doubt either know much of anything about the technology and just signed on the dotted line for their big fat check from Toyota.

Genius marketing though. GM makes confusing commercials that fail to describe their product. Toyota makes totally non informative commercials but tie it to a loved pop culture phenomenon. Must be good right, cause Doc is in the commercial.


Yes, big fat checks have a way of finding their way into the pockets of pitching celebrities. My rule of thumb is to never buy anything so pitched. Example: reverse mortgages touted by ‘The Fonz’ and Fred Thompson. Worst legal scam ever.

Just another example of the full court press I predicted Toyota would adopt in trying to save this terminal patient, the FCV.

Really disappointed to see BTTF used to help Toyota slow the spread of EVs with its endless “Just wait for fool cells! They’re the clean car of the future!” campaign. That first ad already has almost 1.3m views. Tragic.

Notice Toyota isn’t telling you what the price per kilogram of hydrogen is going to be (or anything else about hydrogen) when you refuel.

$10 a kilogram? I predict *STICKER SHOCK* At the Hydrogen Pump, in the Future…

Hydrogen is currently 13.69 – 14.99 per kg.

Of course, no customer is actually paying for the fuel at those prices, as the manufacturers (Hyundai/Toyota and Honda) are all picking up the tab for three years. Hopefully all customers have gotten over EV-1 angst and are smart enough to lease an immature and rapidly obsolescing technology, until such time as an adequate fueling infrastructure at an affordable price is available to them. Toyota obviously thinks so, as they’re predicting 95% will lease.

$10 a kilogram? Great Scott!

Future tech: A flying car powered by a 1.21 gigawatt flux capacitor

Obsolete tech: A Mirai “fool cell” car

Another prediction from the film (from “One of the off-the-field storylines that started to creep up throughout the summer and has now exploded into October is the eerie, prescient and hilarious fact that when Marty McFly (played by Michael J. Fox) travels in Doc Brown’s souped-up DeLorean time machine from his Hill Valley, Calif., home in 1985 all the way to October 2015 in the 1989 film “Back to the Future Part II,” he finds out that the Cubs have won the World Series for the first time since 1908.”

Wow, that is looking more plausible than anything else in the movie.

There is also a hoverboard coming out on that date.

It’s interesting how Toyota needs to beat the marketing drum for the Mirai despite them “flying off the virtual shelf”, yet Tesla does no marketing at all and can’t keep up with demand…

I wont be impressed unless they reveal that the Mirai will literally run on rubish

You weren’t satisfied with lemonade and BS? Picky, picky.

Maybe you missed the BS commercial that suggests that the car can run on BS.

I guess you’ll be impressed; “Fueled By Garbage” (landfill gas) is the predicted final episode in the Mirai’s “Fueled By Everything” campaign.

Thank Elon for talking up BS.

Wow, “See Through” accusing someone of spouting B.S.

Almost like irony.

Typical signature-style hypocrisy.

October 21, 1885
Nikola Tesla invents the AC electric dynamo at Edison’s lab. Edison stiffs him on $50,000 and he resigns. The Toyota Mirai will be compared to the DC electrified houses that have finally gone away only in the last decade. I think this is very appropriate of Toyota, actually.

Nice. And Doc Brown travelled back to October 15, 1885 too.

The irony is that Doc Brown could have easily used one of those electric dynamos to push the car in lieu of its gas engine. What with 1 million horsepower coming out of the Mr. Fusion strapped on the back, a tiny four or five decimal place rounding error in that number would have produced more than enough power to reach 88 miles an hour, *and* the flux capacitor! 🙂

In the Movie they go back to 1885 and rip out the car’s fuel line and they realize that a gas station won’t open up for another 40 years. With the hydrogen powered car you couldn’t even go back to 1950 or a head to 2025 and not run into a hydrogen fueling station.

Strangely if you had a electric car like a Mitsubishi i-miev or Nissan leaf you could in theory take it back to 1905 and use some of the charging stations back then. You could also take a electric car from 1905 into the year 2015 and plug it in to some of the outlets for modern EV’s. What’s even crazier is that remember when they converted the car to a flying car.

Well you could take a 1905 EV and take into the future and add 300 mile range batteries and DC Quick charging to it

How fitting.

Delorean sold about 6000 cars before closing shop, the exact same number Toyota is planning for the Mirai (before closing up shop on this technology I would predict, except I don’t have a time machine).

Also a lot of technology predicted in the BTF series never really panned out, which also makes this movie series reference particularly relevant.

New video is up! Dial 877-STATLER (877) 782-8537 option 2 to get free Statler Toyota license plate frame!

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Nice catch! will add new teaser into story /thanks!
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Toyota is going Back to foolishness.

I would rather have that black 2015 Ford Probe from the second movie. And just for clarification, when someone says they would rather have a Ford Probe, you know you’ve built an incredibly stupid car.

Hydrogen is a joke. I’m shocked Toyota is pursuing it as if it’s seriously the next step from battery electric cars. It’s a completely unnecessary middle-man fuel. Why power a car with Hydrogen that is derived from electricity when you can just use electricity? I don’t get it.

It makes for an awesome science project. “Hey, look at what we can do”, and I congratulate them on that. But that’s all.

I’m more shocked that CARB thinks it has any merit, and are willing to let automakers get their credits in to qualify for it.

Hear, hear! It’s appalling that Big Oil & Gas has been so successful in lobbying CARB and California State politicians that they have gotten them to agree to award carbon credits for a fuel that (in a well-to-wheel analysis) is more polluting than burning oil.

I do blam CARB for heavily subsidizing hydrogen / fossil fuel industry.

Lobbyist dollars count more than facts. 🙁

Toyota – back to the bulls***.

Humm, since there are so many articles on here regarding Hydrogen vehicles I’d assume editorially InsideEvs is somewhat neutral as to whether the cars are “good” or ‘bad’. That rather fits my thinking also, however with these Caveats: 1). I don’t think the car makes sense for 95% of the USA. NYC and parts of Connecticut with Confiscatory Electricity rates may be competitive with Hydrogen pricing, but otherwise EV’s and PHEV’s to me make far more sense for the rest of the states. 2). There hasn’t been much information regarding the multi-million dollar filling stations, nor much explanation of the huge amount of square footage all that equipment requires. 10,000 PSI equipment is not trivial, the valves and piping are not especially bargain priced, and I’d be curious as to the amount and cost of routine maintenance required. This is the vendor’s responsibility of course, but in the end affects the unsubsidized retail pricing. 3). Since Hydrogen cars are getting a much larger subsidy than EV’s. I hope they are tax credits as opposed to outright grants. 4).. Hydrogen production may be currently breaking records, but I have yet to be convinced they make any sense in 95% of the… Read more »

Small error in the story “Back To The Future II is celebrating its 30th anniversary, and Toyota says it plans on “mark(ing) the film’s anniversary with a modern twist.”
Back To The Future (the first one) is celebrating its 30th anniversary as it came out in 1985. The second movie came out in 1989. I just attended a 30th anniversary event at our local drive in theatre where they showed all 3 movies. Also had a classic car night with a handful of Deloreons present. It was quite fun.

Tesla refuses to loan the Model S to celebrities or film sets. Elon said (to the effect) “If they like the product, they will buy one, no one wants to be fooled into purchasing something”

What?! Have the seen the Tv show “Extant”? Model S police cars…and a special guest appearance by the Model X back in 2014.

Cars in shows are supplied by people that supply cars for shows. Tesla probably had very little to do with it except paying product placement fees.

“Hey Elon, we can either use Fords for police cars or Teslas. Supplier has both. What say you?”