Toyota & Mazda To Team Up On Fuel-Cell, Plug-In And Other Green Tech

MAY 26 2015 BY MARK KANE 22

Toyota Mirai

Toyota Mirai

Mazda and Toyota are considering an alliance in eco-friendly technology, according to the Nikkei.

For Mazda it could be extremely important as the small carmaker struggles to develop all new technologies, including plug-ins.

“Toyota Motor and Mazda Motor are in the final stages of talks on a comprehensive partnership in eco-friendly technology, seeking an edge amid tightening environmental regulations and tough emerging-market competition.”

One of the main topics is hydrogen fuel cell technology, which Toyota could share with Mazda. On the other hand, Toyota would like to use Mazda’s Skyactiv engines, which boost stellar fuel economy and strong performance.

“Toyota intends to supply fuel cell and plug-in-hybrid technology. In 2018, environmentally conscious California plans to push automakers to boost sales volume for electric and fuel cell vehicles. China and other emerging economies are set to strengthen environmental regulations, too. Mazda, which has lagged in electric-vehicle technology, hopes to keep up with these changes by bolstering its relationship with Toyota.

Meanwhile, Mazda will consider offering its proprietary Skyactiv green technology. Toyota hopes to use it to add more fuel-efficient gasoline and diesel vehicles alongside its own advanced lineup of hybrids and fuel cell cars.”

Mazda already uses hybrid technology from Toyota and has done so since 2010.

Source: Nikkei

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Prime example of the blind leading the blind.

“… amid tightening environmental regulations…” – they’re making us so we’re going to team up to do the minimum required.

Thank you for so succinctly summing up what is almost certainly the reality of the situation.

That’s it… Spread the insanity / stupidity. 😛

Mazda is going to go bankrupt if they dump a lot of money into fuel cells. Toyota can afford it. What Mazda needs is Toyota’s hybrid technology. Take it and then make a real PHEV out of it (which Toyota refuses to do), THAT would be a winner.

I think, Toyota has made its fuel cell patents free cafor few years. It is also selling its fuel cell stacks to the German car makers, and now will sell to Mazda also. So, I don’t see how Mazda has any big risk. All Mazda needs to do is put the fuel cell stack in their car(s), and earn tons of ZEV credits by selling those cars.

1) Cost
2) Limited production capabilities

Meaning its cheaper to start PHEVs or BEVs production, and credits are same…

And bonus negative points for lack of eco friendly hydrogen production.
Its still possible that people will start asking questions:
Why put X into this when its just same as ICE? Where* are environment benefits?

* Literary. Coal power plant (worst case scenario) is located outside city. Hydrogen production gas facility… inside city due to economics of transportation.
For anything else *EVs are better or as good as Hydro.

Mazda’s biggest issue is limited R&D capability since the divorce from Ford.

Although Mazda has done brilliant work with limited resources on the Skyactive technologies to improve ICE efficiency, they really have to go outside for very large initiatives, like hydrogen and hybrids.

I don’t think Mazda has any more belief in FCVs than we do, but since everyone has to have one these days, going outside to get it is actually the best approach to minimized wasted investment.

As for electrics, we know Mazda is working on in house electrification, but some parts, especially hybrid pieces, have to come from outside simply because of their small size.

Pragmatic horse trading where needed combined with excellent engineering on what they do in house has allowed them to survive and produce top rated cars in almost every segment in which they compete.

Correct visited Both Toyota and Mazda, in Regards to Fuel cell Toyota is pushing it hard – has Honda on side, mandated the Japanese government as the way to go.
Mazda has to follow unwillingly dragging it’s heals (Don’t blame them the whole fuel cell concept is simply crap to maintain the status quo.)

So it is understandable that Toyota want the high tech – ie new design Skyactiv and Mazda need the Fuel cell rubbish off Toyota so that they can conform to the Japanese governments new playing field.

Still surprised at the company love fest as they were know not to belong to the same “group” or team so both must be feeling intense pressure to see mutual benefits.

I just wish they would pay just as much effort to plugin’s – but Toyota is too conservative to make any significant progress and has shelved any thanks to it new found fuel cell direction. 🙁

Probably the better bet would have been for Mazda to pair with Mitsubishi, who already has their massive hit PHEVs in Europe and Asia.


A MOBILE HYDROGEN BOMB…Now there’s a car that Delivers!…..Knock KnocK KABOOM!!!*&%#@#$%^&*(*&^%$^&*:”* What A STUPID IDEA…L M A 0

Don’t be so coy.
Tell us what you really think.

Will that be their new slogan, “Boom Boom”?


Mazda is known in racing circles (pun intended) as a well handling car…many models are ready for track days right off the sales floor…, drive to the track, race, drive home….that’s a Mazda.

Can’t figure Toyota out…. their engineers surely must know the downsides of fuel cell hydrogen cars. Has their management agreed to deny climate change and gone over to the dark side with the international oil companies and the Republicans?….They did move to Texas, you know…..I just don’t know why a nice little car company that builds track cars for the highway would buy into the hydrogen hype.

The same reason why nice people end up in abusive relationships? As in…I have no idea?

Texas wants plug-ins. California wants fuel cells. Perhaps the move to texas will shake up those fuel cell executives enough to get it. Remember fuel cells are championed by California and no other state.

They should associate with perpetual motion that has at least some interest compared with fool cells.
On a more serious tone, they should make collaboration with Tesla, gain access to high tech electrics and superchargers and allow Tesla to demultiply production through the Mazda factory units.

Mazda and Tesla? Tightens my slacks just thinking about it.

Mazda and Toyota? Where’s my barf bag?

Now I can’t stop thinking about Mazda and Tesla working together. Can you imagine them sharing the Model 3 platform? Or an EV version of the Miata?

mazda is making the scion ia in mexico on the mazda 2 platform. Probably the yaris too. Toyota gives them some fuel cells to sell in japan and california. winner winner chicken dinner. Neither side wants what it gets, but both companies lose less money.