Toyota, Mazda And Denso Team Up To Work On EVs



Toyota, Mazda, Denos Tie Up

Each of the three will carefully select engineers to form a new company.

Toyota and Mazda are perfectly aware the EV era is upon us (while we think Mazda is anyway), which is why the two have teamed up with global automotive components manufacturer Denso to jointly develop technologies catering electric vehicles.

The three are currently busy with the paperwork to start a company called “EV C.A. Spirit Co., Ltd” where initially about 40 people are going to be employed. The staff at the newly founded joint development center will consist of full-time engineers transferred from the three companies.

Mazda Has Already Produced A Limited Run Of Demio EVs in Japan…so that is something?  Maybe.  We don’t know.

To make it happen, Toyota will be providing its TNGA platform, Mazda is going to contribute with its product planning and expertise in computer modeling-based development, while Denso’s role will be to share its know-how in terms of electronics technologies. The fruits of the collaboration will be put to good use into a variety of EVs, including passenger cars, SUVs, and light trucks.

The three companies have made the promise to invest an equal amount of development resources and will allow other automakers and suppliers to join as a way to speed up development and drive down costs. The primary goal is to come up with a common architecture catering multiple types of EVs for all the car manufacturers involved in the tie-up.

With this new collaboration, Toyota and Mazda are strengthening their partnership after announcing early August plans to work together on a new factory. Located in the United States, the $1.6-billion plant will create 4,000 jobs and is going to have a maximum annual production capacity of 300,000 cars. Once it will be up and running in 2021, Toyota will assemble the Corolla for the North America while Mazda is going to put together crossovers for the same market. Also part of the understanding between the two, Toyota will buy a 5.05% share in Mazda whereas the company that gave us the Miata will acquire a 0.25% stake in the creator of the Corolla, world’s best-selling car.

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I have read that Subaru will join them.

I just cannot find the article anymore.


Subaru already did, and the result was very disappointing.


I have no idea why Toyota is so late into EV business? Hopefully its not tooo late!


Toyota is investing in solid state batteries since 2010, so they are not late at all.


Not late? Well I’m afraid your’e not all the prophetic after all. They are just way, way, behind.


No one is prophetic, some are like pathetic.


They have had the Rav4EV for years. So they definitely aren’t late to the party


Which Tesla made the power-train for and supplied the batteries, and which is not made anymore. If you are going to try to revise history at least know what you are talking about. You don’t.


He was not revising history, but recalling it.


I hope this means:
1.) MX-5 (Miata) EV
2.) T86 EV


Design by committee usually is a disaster. I hope they can use the “secret” techniques of each company to throw into the design rather than withhold their best techniques lest their competitors find out and use them.


40 engineers for all of Toyota, Mazda en Denso. There is a zero missing or they still don’t get what’s coming up to them.


I hope this venture works out for all of them.


Whatever happens, don’t let the Toyota people design the styling of the cars…