Toyota i-ROAD: Tokyo Trials – Video


Toyota i-Road

Toyota i-Road

Toyota seems reluctant to do full size electric cars, but the Japanese company is trying to develop personal mobility vehicles with electric drive.

One of the few examples of such vehicle is Toyota’s i-Road three-wheelers, used in car sharing schemes.

Here is a video from Tokyo trials:

“Toyota’s i-ROAD compact electric personal mobility vehicle takes to the streets in Japan’s capital.”

“Participants in the limited public trials share their feedback on the ultra-compact, fun to drive i-ROAD, which is available in five vibrant colors.”

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If people are still driving in 2050, it will be in vehicles like this, not electric SUVs.

This sort of thing reminds me too much of the floating chairs in Wall-E. When I am in a city, I tend to use public transportation for the larger distances and walk the shorter distances. I think if the weather was bad and couldn’t walk to my destination, I would rather share an electric cab than be in one of these all by myself.

Pretty cool. Since most vehicles have only 1 occupant it makes sense that these will be useful. First perhaps replacing motorcycles and eventually small cars.

Something like this will really take off for car-sharing or even commuting (when capable of freeway speeds) once they’re autonomous. Much as I’m a fan of mass transit, the biggest problems with using mass transit for commuting are that you usually aren’t guaranteed a seat, and you may have other people’s smells and sounds forced upon you. The space saved in parking these, if owned instead of car-shared, would be huge, and you could put two per lane if they were autonomous. Maybe you could do that even if driven manually, although I’m not sure that motorcycle/bicycle habits would be strictly applicable; here, the vehicle does the leaning for you.

I live in a small town and have a 12 mile round trip commute every day. Toyota seems to be anti-EV but if they sold this in the US for under $10k I’d totally buy one rather than stress out about how I’m going to afford a next-gen Tesla or 150-mile Leaf.