Toyota i-ROAD Implemented in Ha:mo Car Sharing Service in Toyota City (Video)


i-Road Beside Dancer

i-Road Beside Dancer

As it was announced a half year ago, Toyota introduced in Toyota City, Japan the i-Road electric vehicles in the Ha:mo car sharing system.

Seeing this thing in public looks odd, but we’re sure it’s fun to drive.  This could well be how transport is done in the future, so perhaps we should start getting used to seeing this sort of vehicle in the real world.

“The TOYOTA i-ROAD ultra compact EV attracted great attention at the Geneva International Motor Show and Tokyo Motor Show of 2013, and now it has made its debut on public roads.”

“The i-ROAD participated in the Next-Generation Urban Transport System Demonstration (Ha:mo) held in Toyota City, Japan, which offers a new mobility style combining cars, public transport and ultra compact EVs.”

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I see an advantage immediately over the standard Twizy.
A door.

Not much of an advantage, since third parties have come up with various solutions, like this:

Yes, good one…will add that into the story.


Thank God Toyota is spending resources on this!

I mean, imagine the horror if instead of creating this vehicle they spent that money and gray matter on something like a Yaris EV or a Corolla EV, and then rolled it out across the US.

That would be unspeakably bad.

The difference is these could be affordable EVs that actually address the problems that conventional cars have created.

Fifty years ahead of it’s time.

Will not amount to anything where 2-3 ton vehicles run rampant.

BTW, it’s cheaper to pay death benefits, than injury.