Toyota Gives Us Their Vision Of The Future. And The iiMo

OCT 31 2012 BY JAY COLE 3

Electric concepts come and go, sometimes without much notice at all.

Such was the case for the Toyota Fun-Vii, a futuristic car-ute envisioned for city life in the future. Now Toyota has breathed new life into the Fun-Vii by re-branding it the iiMo (not much better) and building an original Toyota movie around it.

Usually, we don’t feature extended commercials for design interns work at a major companies, but the production quality on this piece is extremely high as Toyota examines life in 20XX and with the iiMo.  Complete with a interactive chameleon paint.

Update (below iiMo film):  Just for fun we added a video of the Toyota iiMo “in real life” from the Sao Paulo International Motor Show going on now.  Looks like a fun booth!

Toyota Global via Autobloggreen


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Jay Cole

On of the few times specs really are not that important.


20XX = 2020? (ambitious) 🙂

FYI, that coffee cost him $32.75

Would suck to be the “third wheel” sitting in the back seat.

With the holographic technology they are showing, would people really need to drive anywhere?