Toyota’s “Fine-Comfort Vehicle” Is A Premium Fuel-Cell Sedan


Ok, the name is boring, but this six-seater is quite interesting.

Toyota is certainly going to town as far as its presence at the forthcoming Tokyo Motor Show taking into account it will have on display a multitude of concepts that will sit alongside production cars. The latest to join the growing list might not win you over with its name, Fine-Comfort Vehicle, but its peculiar shape is worthy of our attention.

While to some people this looks more like an elongated minivan from the future, Toyota says it’s actually an attempt to create a new type of a premium sedan. Like the Mirai, the concept has a fuel cell setup and has enough juice for a maximum range of around 1,000 kilometers (621 miles) based on Japan’s JC08 test cycle (so like just over about half that in the real world/EPA-estiamted). Once you’re out of fuel, a full refill is going to take roughly three minutes.

Toyota Fine-Comfort

The Fine-Comfort Vehicle is quite large as it stretches at 4,830 millimeters (190 inches) and comes with a substantial wheelbase measuring 3,450 mm (136 in). It stands 1,650 mm (65 in) tall and has a width of 1,950 mm (77 in). Thanks to its generous proportions, the concept can easily accommodate up to six people inside its futuristic cabin.

Toyota says its latest showcar has been shaped to mimic a diamond and rides on wheels positioned at the corners of the vehicle as the overhangs are extremely short. Although you can’t see it, there’s a full underbody cover to boost sound insulation and to ensure greater stability. An expansive glasshouse grants excellent visibility not just for the driver, but also for the passengers relaxing on those comfy seats that come with built-in footrests.

Toyota Fine-Comfort

Getting in and out of the Fine-Comfort Vehicle should be a breeze thanks to the minivan-like rear sliding doors and also due to the absence of a conventional B-pillar. Once you’re in, it’s like 2050. An expansive screen covers almost the entire width of the dashboard while the unconventional steering wheel incorporates a large screen. There’s also a head-up display and it seems that various info can be projected onto the side windows.

However at the end of the day, we are still looking for Toyota’s production intent, all-electric offering to debut in Tokyo…hopefully that EV materializes as well.

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Fool Cell and Fugly is all that comes to mind

earl colby pottinger

Go to and choose hydrogen only.

There not a lot of places to get fuel.


Well alright……NEXT!


Why Next? I hope they produce plenty of these and people laugh. It will be tons of fun.


My God that’s an ugly car.


Well it’s never meant to actually be sold.
This is “Green Washing”. But, the environmentals aren’t fooled.

However, CARB is a sucker for anything.


Some people might say to you that a car was beaten with an “ugly stick,” but in this case, I’d argue the whole tree fell on this minivan. Kawasaki Ninja, this ain’t. It looks like tge wheels are detachable or something.

Roy LeMeur

With that I would go pick up Chuck and Ralph so we could go shout “Europe!” into the sink 🙂

Don Zenga

1,000 km = 620 miles and even in US testing, it may go 500 miles and with this range, they want to show that a FCV can hit a range that is 4 digits and no EV can match this.

With a length slightly smaller than mid size car, but being taller and wider, it can easily accomodate 6 passengers and provide plenty of cargo space. We can also observe that the front wheels are pushed to the very front and the rear wheels to very rear which provide 1 continous long space inside and this is where the wheelbase length comes into picture. So after testing Mirai FCV, now they are planning to launch a much bigger minivan/crossover using FCV that could be a mass market vehicle. This could go into production with a more affordable price to make it a PRIUS of Fuel Cell Vehicles to challenge the EV.

Game gets interesting. Time for EV makers to come up with this type of vehicle.


That’s crazy. FCV does not make any sense.

This vehicle uses more energy, requires much more expensive infrastructure, and is less convenient.

This is designed to fool governments, not to sell to consumers.


That monstrosity is going to have a terrible turning radius with a super-heavy underbody structure. No one pushes the wheels to all the corners, unless it’s a micro car that fits well within the width of narrow streets. It’s a design exercise and nothing more.


A minivan by any other name, is still a minivan.


Having said that, people love minivans. 🙂

Minivan that can tow 5500 lb boat and carry 4×8 sheets from home depot like Chevy Astro is far superior to modern day “metro-sexual-macho” SUV.

Speaking of, Chevy should bring Astro back with Voltec to compete against vapor-car like this and the wimpy Pacifica hybrid that can’t even tow. What’s the use of a van if it can’t even tow?

Someone out there

It’s not exactly good looking… it has character let’s say


If it were a BEV on track for production, it would be interesting, instead it is just another missed opportunity!


Looks very much like a Daihatsu Materia that’s been sat on by an elephant:


It looks like a futuristic Hearse.
“The Fine Comfort Vehicle; so you can Rest In Peace”.


Great idea, hope it comes through! It maximizes interior space without encroaching outside to other vehicle’s space with a footprint of a midsized sedan! This should sell well in congested cities with tight road spaces in East Asia and Europe. US self righteous minded space hoggers do not deserve it!