Toyota FCV Plus In Tokyo – Images & Videos

OCT 31 2015 BY MARK KANE 15

Toyota doesn’t stop with the Mirai in the hydrogen fuel cell car developments. The automaker is introducing the Lexus concept and another Toyota concept called the FCV Plus.

This one looks to the future, in which cars will become something entirely different than what we’re used to today.

FCV Plus is AWD, with in-wheel motors, powered from a fuel cell stack. One of the new features is capability to export electricity.

“The FCV Plus Concept -presented at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show-takes the idea of hydrogen one step further. Not only does it provide 0-emission driving, it is also conceived to work as a miniature power-plant that can give energy back to society. The FCV Plus concept embodies our plans for an eco-friendly future where hydrogen energy is widespread in its use: the fuel cell vehicle isn’t only a means of transport; it is also a tool to turn hydrogen into electricity so that it becomes a power source for general use in the community.”

Toyota FCV Plus

Toyota FCV Plus

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I think this fits well under the ‘What were they thinking category?’
Also perhaps more of a plus minus the FC.

I’m sure buyers will be lining up out the door to get into one of those. LoL that thing is hideous. I agree what are they thinking!

It’s a kewl-looking concept car, altho a nearly all-glass cabin is rather far from practical.

It’s great to see auto makers showing real imagination in how you might design a car that’s freed from the constraints of the infernal combustion engine.

But to make that concept car actually kewl, and not just kewl-looking, they need to rip out the absurdly impractical “fool cell” system, and put in a proper PEV powertrain.

I could swear that I’ve seen that grill before on another car. But for the life of me, I can’t put my finger on which car it was. 😉

Looks like a J-home market kei car…no excitement here.

A PHFCV (Plug-in Hybrid Fuel Cell Vehicle) would make sense … curious about the AWD in-wheel motors … how much power and torque?

Not so long ago the car of the future looked like this:

This one appears from the same category. Obsolete at birth.

Toyota isn’t serious about FCEV’s. They are going through the motions, but this car (and the Mirai) are not going to lead anywhere, and Toyota knows it.

Looks like the “Crisper” drawer in my refrigerator.

🙂 🙂 🙂

Unfortunately, that isn’t a joke!

They keep pushing the FCV can be an auxillary power source concept. Well, so can BEVs and even ICEs for those who want that. The only thing unique about the FCV version is that it will produce the most expensive electricity available.

Just who is going to buy a FC car that tales $13/gal/kg H2 fuel?
And in wheel motors are another thing that sounds good but don’t work in cars at 4-6x’s the cost and a very rough ride from the too high unsprung weight.

It’s funny how EV partisans believe as Gospel revolutionary improvements in battery technology, cost, and charging times, but then turn around and piss on the idea that other technologies could undergo similar improvements. Toyota, of course, has tremendous experience with batteries and has given up on them, but I think it’s anyone’s guess where these technologies end up a decade from now.

I thought Toyota was working on a solid-state battery?

It could happen, but why bother when BEVs already cost less to refuel than gas TODAY.