Toyota Discounts The RAV4 EV By Up To $7,500 And Offers 0% To Gain ZEV Credits

DEC 15 2012 BY JAY COLE 10

Like Honda has already discovered with its Fit EV, just because you are building a limited run compliance car for emissions regulations does not mean you can price it anyway you want and it will sell.

Toyota is looking to building out 2,600 of the 103 mile (EPA) electric RAV4 EVs over the next 3 years, and they figured that customers would be willing to pay $49,800 for the little SUV.

New Promotional Pricing In Effect Until January 7th, 2013

Unfortunately, despite a strong initial showing of over 60 cars sold in the first few weeks, Toyota now sells about 30 a month (32 in November), and at that rate it will take them to around 2020 to sell them all.

Those results will do little to satisfy CARB long term, let alone get in their numbers for 2012 ZEV (zero emission vehicles) credits.

Enter the discounts!

Toyota is offering a $5,000 cash back program along with 0% financing and a $2,500 loyalty program (that most are unlikely to receive).

This new money can be of course combined with the $7,500 federal credit, and the $2,500 in California state incentives.   A customer could be saving up to $17,500 in total off the RAV4EV, making a very attractive net cost of $32,300.

All these discounts mean the RAV4 EV that was originally available for lease at $599 a month can now be owned for less per month (based on 60 months).  We expected Toyota to be rewarded with brisk sales in December.

If interested, you can check out the offer yourself at

Both Toyota and Honda Have Learned The Hard Way That Limited Run Compliance Cars Still Have To Be Priced Competitively To Sell (click to enlarge)

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I once owned an 06 Tacoma… How’s that for loyalty…. ;-/

32K is a pretty enticing number! It is a pretty nice car.

It looks like there is a better Toyota coming up soon, so that is why they are trying to sell this one.

But, the 2.500 in 0% credit have to be returned, so at the end you “only” have 15.000 dolars, doesnt?

That’s a beautiful mountain scene behind the RAV4 in the advertisement. It is not unlike the area in which I live, thankfully. But if I were to buy an electric RAV4, I’d really like all wheel drive. My LEAF is a nice car for driving around the mountains, except on the occasions when I am forced by the state of California to utilize snow chains on this 2WD vehicle.

I thought they had a bunch of credits built up, why would they need more?

What is EV Loyalty credit? Does that mean you have to own an EV? Does a Volt count?

This is a GREAT deal for a terrific BEV in the flavor of a compact SUV. All other available EVs are not suitable for middle class families, living in suburbia, with pets, commuting to the city every day up to a 100 miles round trip, with enough cargo space for hauling big box merchandise home from Costco or Home Improvement stores. The RAV4 EV is perfect for all those kind oft uses. With this much deep disounting, PLUS 0% financing, PLUS a FED tax credit ($7500) and CA rebate ($2500), PLUS elgibiliity for unlimited solo driving in the most populous State’s HOV lanes, a new RAV4 EV makes a lot of financial sense. Best of all it is a “Tesla” in disquise.

Unfortunately, their web site only show availability at dealerships in California.

I would love to trade in my Leaf for a Tesla Powered Toyota
can you please make these available in Arizona soon Mr Toyoda