Toyota Conducting Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Tests In Japan


Toyota Standard Charger

Toyota Standard Charger

Toyota Standard Charger

Toyota Standard Charger

Toyota announced that, like in previous years, it will conduct a test project with AC charging stations in Japan (from November 1 until March 15, 2015).

The new project involves four municipalities in Aichi Prefecture (Kariya City, Toyota City, Toyohashi City, and Nagakute City) and also the company UNY Co., Ltd.

We are curious what Toyota would like to find out about slow charging that it doesn’t already know? Maybe the answer lies in Toyota fishing for subsidies like the “Subsidy Program to Support R&D for the Creation of New Aichi“.

“In addition to targeting commercial, tourist, and accommodation facilities as in past tests, this year’s tests will also involve cultural and social service facilities (including some in hilly and mountainous areas). Multiple chargers will be installed at certain commercial facilities where charger use was heavy in last year’s tests. The aim will be to ascertain the optimal number and location of charging stations and their ease of use.”

147 charging spots will be prepared, from which 43 will be newly installed.

The tests will focus on

  • Identifying ideal charger locations and operating methods by monitoring usage (charging frequency and duration) for each day and hour at each facility.
  • Determining whether installing chargers at city-owned facilities near popular driving destinations in hilly and mountainous areas will allay user concerns about running out of battery-charge and also help increase the number of new users.
  • Installing multiple chargers at commercial facilities where usage is heavy and monitoring changes in usage to ascertain the need for energy management measures, such as peak shaving.

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Maybe they are turning hydrogen into electricity.


Electricity is, and in all likelihood, will continue to be scarce in Japan for the next several years.

The good thing is that Japan has learned it can easily survive without 52 Nuclear Power Stations.

That’s the least of Northern Japan’s problems at the moment.

Easily survive? Barely survive and with a lot of adaptation and collective sacrifices rather.

The sooner they get the nuclear power plants running again the better for both Japan and the world.

Well, better for almost all the world that is. Major coal exporters like Australia won’t be so happy if they start the plants again though.

At the cost of bleeding massive amount of money out of their local economy and spilling massive amount of climate gases.

I could have understood some of these tests in the early days. But I think charging patterns are well understood now.

Translation: we’re screwing around hoping the fad will go away.

See also: government inquiry, stall tactic

It’s a good thing to be able to charge your FCV when there’s no hydrogen anywhere in a zillion kilometres.
Way to go Toyota!

Hmm! Maybe for their upcoming electric car.
Curiouser and curiouser said Alice:

Toyota losing so much time to put an electric car on the market is mind boggling.