Toyota Aims To Maintain Battery Research And Development Ties With Tesla


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Despite Toyota killing off the RAV4 EV after fulfilling its 2,600-unit requirement and saying that fuel cells are the way of the future over plug-ins, Toyota insists that it hopes to maintain its connection with Tesla Motors.

In particular, Toyota says it’s interested in continuing to collaborate with Tesla Motors on battery technology.

Osamu Nagata, president and CEO of Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, stated:

“Tesla has quite a clear business strategy for developing a better battery.  [Automakers] as well as suppliers need to work on developing better batteries.”

Those comments were made at the  Society of Automotive Engineers Foundation, where Nagata received a leadership award.

Toyota still holds a 2.6% stake in Tesla Motors, so the RAV4 EV deal is not the only link between Tesla and Toyota.

After the Tesla talk, Nagata spoke of fuel-cell vehicles:

“I hope we can show the very strong capabilities of fuel cell vehicles so we can convince more and more people of the potential and possibilities of the fuel cell vehicle.”

Of note and often missed by the media is that fuel cell vehicles typically use lithium-ion batteries, which could well be why Toyota is interested in maintaining a battery-related relationship with Tesla.

Source: Automotive News

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I think Tesla should just let Toyota go and get on with its own way if it isn’t too impressed with the kind of drivetrain that Tesla is solely relying on. Remember, Musk isn’t in on it just to make a car company, his goal is to encourage the manufacturing and sale of electric cars across the board.

It is becoming more and more clear to Toyota now that if Russia sells Natural Gas and Oil to China then the value of the dollar will drop like a stone! Thus Toyota, a heavily dependent on the American Dollar is now recalculating where it should invest! So this Hydrogen story is canceled since Russia and China will buy from each other in a currency that will harm the good old Dollar! Bye Bye Oil.

Tesla should be cautious when dealing with Toyota. Historically, collaborating with Toyota on projects proved one sided. (Oh, if the NUMMI plant walls could talk.) Elon, don’t let Toyota slow you down on your battery Gigafactory plans with talk of collaboration.


Toyota has made it clear that they are not inline with Elon’s mission and vision. They are the horse standing right in front of the trough of clean clear water but…
Let go of the reins and just let Toyota wander off Mr. Musk. They can plod along next to Honda heading towards the ghost town of Irrelevance.


So true!

Toyota shows its true color.

Since Toyota is heavily invested in conventional hybrids which can also be benefited from battery technology upgrades. So it is NO surprising that Toyota is doing this.

The ONLY thing green about Toyota is the color of the dollars that it is making in the US.