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CNET takes us inside Tesla's Fremont production facility

CNET takes us inside Tesla’s Fremont production facility

Tesla’s 5.3 million square foot Fremont, California assembly facility currently produces the Model S and Model X…and will soon add the Model 3 in 2017.  But rarely do we get a good look at the day-to-day operations of the plant.

Interestingly, CNET recently got the chance to do just that, a walk-through of Tesla’s production operations in California over a couple days in July, and files this video report. (above)

As a bonus, over the 2 days CNET was taping the spot, the outfit recorded both in standard 2-D video, and also in 360-degrees below.

On the 360 video: For best viewing, adjust your resolution settings to 4K and put on a Google Cardboard headset.

Editor’s Note: We suggest “closing your ears” for the part about the Model X deliveries starting in 2012, we are pretty sure CNET meant Model S

CNET, Hat tip to Jim I!

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That second 360 video is a true 360 movie, including up and down. Try stopping (pause) and have a look around using the controls.

Thanks for the tip! 😀



Cool. However I’m still waiting for version 3.0 of the machine. Too many humans carrying things… That is so outdated 😉

On the positive side that means there is room for improvement…

How about additional transport rails mounted on the ceiling for the parts… Something flexible of course. .. A robogrid… Time to clear up things on the ground…

Not to get me wrong, I really like what I see but really there is so much room for optimization…. I guess they just have to do it that way to employ people…

Can’t wait to see version 3…4…5…robocalypse…6…7…8…restart 😉