Total Nissan LEAF Miles Driven Globally – Over 567 Million


Today’s news flash is on Nissan LEAF miles driven globally.

Nissan reports that the world’s LEAF drivers have driven more than 567 million miles – or 913,000,000 km, emitting zero in the process.

We assume this 567,311,898-miles-drive figure is based on a calculation of total distance driven by all Nissan LEAF vehicles registered to CARWINGS; therefore the actual ‘real world’ numbers is likely much higher.

That race towards 1 billion kilometers draws near.

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6 responses to "Total Nissan LEAF Miles Driven Globally – Over 567 Million"
  1. Mark H says:

    EVs as a whole have well passed a billion miles and most likely two billion.
    Would love to see the safety statistics especially fires. AFAIK, still no fires in the wild, driving, charging, or otherwise for Nissan, Toyota, Chevy, or Ford. Even with Tesla’s few high speed fires, EVs are out performing the ICE at some ridiculous ratio, between 20-to-1 and 50-to-1. If I was a fair and balanced cable news channel, I would call that news, especially when I devoted so much time to every occurrence…..

  2. scottf200 says:

    Volt via USA On-Star (vs LEAF Global):
    552,047,000 electric miles
    883,302,000 total miles

    1. Brian says:

      The way you state this is slightly misleading. In both cases, we are looking at incomplete data. Most of the Volts sold worldwide are sold in the US, so that is probably comparable to the percentage of Leafs sold worldwide.

      In the end, the difference is miniscule. I think it’s suffice to say that the Volt and Leaf have traveled about the same number of electric miles.

  3. zoe-driver says:

    What does that mean in miles per year per car ?

    Leaf is out 3 years (or more ?) and more than 100.000 are on the streets.

    Letzt just take 913.000.000 KM / 100.000 Leafs and assume just one year than its should be 9130 KM per year in average.

    Other calc.

    1st year 20.000 Leafs with 5.000 km per year
    2nd year +40.000 Leafs with 5.000 km per year
    3rd year +60.000 Leafs with 5.000 km per year


    1st year 100 Mio km
    2nd year 300 Mio km
    3rd year 600 Mio km
    Sum: 1 Billion km

    So does it mean that an average Leaf runs 5000 KM or 3100 Miles a year ?

    1. Miggy says:

      Zoe-driver, I agree it does not sound like a lot of KM’s in a year per car. I do at least 30,000km a year.

      1. zoe-driver says:

        I would like to know what is the comparion to Tesla or BMW or Renault ?