Total Car Score Rates its 2013 Top 10 Plug-In Vehicles


Automotive vehicle evaluation site Total Car Score recently assembled its list of the Top 10 plug-in vehicles for 2013.  Let the countdown to number 1 begin.

10.  Honda Fit EV

Price: $36,625

Bottom line, the Fit EV is “an appealing model hampered by an unconvincing commitment to the electric car movement,” says editor in chief of Total Car Score, Karl Brauer.

9. Cadillac ELR

Price: N/A

“Expect the ELR to go on sale in the next 12 months and offer performance similar to the Chevrolet Volt,” remarks Brauer.

8. Honda Accord Plug-In Hybrid

Price: $39,780

It goes 13 miles on a full charge and gets up to 46 miles per gallon.

7. Toyota RAV4 EV

Price: $49,800

The RAV4 EV’s 103-mile rated range has proven conservative in real-world testing. The high price tag is its biggest hurdle, according to Brauer.

6. Ford Focus Electric

Starting price: $39,995

Its 76-mile range and comparatively short charge time bumps the Focus Electric up the list.

5. Tesla Model S

Price: Widely varies depending upon version

This award-winner is a true stand out. But according to Brauer, “The real question remains: How realistic is the Model S to the average Joe?”  Brauer adds that with the Model S, “you can definitely play…if you pay.”

4. Ford C-Max Energi

Price: $32,950

Its decent 21-mile electric-only range and reasonable price lands the C-Max Energi in fourth.

3. Toyota Prius Plug-in

Price: $32,795

The most successful hybrid has an added plug.   Need we say anything else?

2. Chevrolet Volt

Price: $39,995

“As the first mainstream vehicle to combine internal combustion technology with an electric motor, the Volt has brought real-world electric driving to a wide range of people,” says Brauer.   Its 38-mile electric-only range is unmatched in this category.

1. Nissan LEAF

Base price: $28,800

A deeply discounted price on the 2013 LEAF puts America’s top-selling pure electric vehicle into first place.

Brief explanation of Total Car Score's ranking system.

Brief explanation of Total Car Score’s ranking system.

Karl Brauer, editor in chief of Total Car Score, notes that price impacts the rankings, especially for plug-in vehicles.  As Brauer states, “Ultimately, the long-term future of electric-powered personal transportation will hinge on making these cars as affordable and accessible as tradition automobiles.”

If you’re unfamiliar with Total Car Score, or are interested in exactly how the site ranks vehicles, then click here for all the gritty details.

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9 Comments on "Total Car Score Rates its 2013 Top 10 Plug-In Vehicles"

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It seems the rules changed for this EV/Plug-in comparison when it came to the Prius plug-in. The C-Max Energi with 21 EV miles should be #3 ahead of the Prius plug in with only 6 EV miles. Especially when the C-Max Energi costs less also.

But the Prius was moved ahead of the C-Mac Energi because of it’s ‘success as a hybrid’…..when all other cars are ranked based on EV range and price.

Which also should have put the $37,200 and 100 EV mile Focus Electric, ahead of the base Tesla S starting at $57,400 and 160 EV miles.

amen Bloggin

Here is the Tesla press release about increased pricing starting 1/1/2013.

I would have liked to seen the Smart EV in this, at 25k it is the least expensive car at this time and they have been selling them in Europe like hotcakes. The first of them are due in U.S. by April, somewhat before the Cadillac. Read somewhere that the wait in Europe is nine months–I hope not!

I’m not sure what hotcakes are, but Wikipedia says that in France, Smart has sold a grand total of 152 of them.

As of three weeks ago Smart had sold over one thousand, I think mostly to Car2Go and fleets, while more are selling in Germany and Netherlands than France.Maybe more like warmcakes? what got me was I had read there was a nine month wait, forgot where I read it, but if I see again I will post it. Lets hope not.

WHY is the Honda accord getting more print than the Cmax/Fution Energi series from Ford. It gets 20 miles on a full charge and is 7,000 dollars cheaper!… oh my beloved Cmax gets no love


The plug-in Prius can get one or two miles pure EV range if you drive it hard…isn’t that correct?