In Toronto: Buy A Condo, Get A Free Nissan LEAF


Bside at Minto Westside and Nissan Canada partner to offer free electric cars for purchasers, setting a new sustainability benchmark in Toronto

Bside at Minto Westside and Nissan Canada partner to offer free electric cars for purchasers, setting a new sustainability benchmark in Toronto

Promotions involving EVs never cease to amaze.

A partnership between Bside at Minto Westside and Nissan Canada resulted in a new special offer combining a condo and an electric car:

Buy a parking space equipped with an electric vehicle (EV) charging station along with your condo in Toronto to get a FREE Nissan LEAF

We are not in position to advise whether it’s strong offer or not, but it does sounds enticing.

“In an unprecedented move towards sustainability in the Toronto condo market, Minto is launching an electrifying offer to purchasers of Bside, the second phase of Minto Westside at Bathurst and Front: buy a parking space equipped with an electric vehicle (EV) charging station along with your condo, and Minto will throw in Canada’s top-selling, fully-electric car, the Nissan LEAF, for free.”

“Bside at Minto Westside is strategically situated close to a network of streetcars, making city travelling accessible to future residents. The introduction of level 2 EV chargers and the Nissan LEAF incentive program not only makes owning an electric car viable for purchasers looking to extend their transit options, it raises awareness around the current lack of infrastructure in Canada’s condo market.”

Wells Baker, Director of Conservation and Sustainable Design at Minto said:

“Our goal is to design for the future. Installing EV chargers at Bside gives residents who want a vehicle in the city the ability to make an affirmative environmental decision. That alone is a huge step forward, but we wanted to take that next step and actually incentivize a decision towards the more sustainable option.”

“The majority of high-rise buildings are faced with the challenge of overcoming a lack of infrastructure and space required for transformers needed to install electrical vehicle chargers. Bside is aiming to set a new benchmark in Toronto. It’s being developed with a dedicated transformer for EV chargers as well as space to add additional chargers as demand grows.”

Steven Rhind, director of marketing at Nissan Canada Inc. said:

“Accessible charging is an important consideration when people are looking at buying an electric vehicle and is especially challenging for those living in a condominium or apartment. Minto Bside’s commitment to integrating EV charging infrastructure is an important step in expanding the adoption of electric vehicles. The added incentive of offering an all-electric Nissan LEAF to buyers is exceptional.”

About the project:

“Bside at Minto Westside is located at 25 Bathurst Street, with prices from the low $200s. The second phase includes 323 suites in a 20 storey tower, with one to three bedrooms suites ranging in size from 501 – 950 s.f. To be among the first to preview the second phase of Bside at Minto Westside, be sure to register online at The sales centre is open Monday to Thursday 12pm to 7pm, and Saturday and Sunday 12pm to 5pm. To book an appointment contact or 437-836-8586. For more information visit”

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Other developments are purchasing one or two EVs as a carsharing “fleet,” open to their residents.

Along with increased biking, expansion of mass transit, more “taxi” options (including vans and on-demand carpool), and personal “e-things,” the Dark Age of auto dependency will soon be over.

If L2 spot is dedicated parking to those who paid, it’ll not be charging 3/4 of the time. If the driver also charges at work, even less.

Next question is who pays for electricity. If Nissan brings no charge to charge to the area, and the parking spot owner has to pay, it’ll not be charging almost 100% of the time. Why pay to charge here when it’s free from Nissan, and faster, too.

Far better would be to have the Condo build EV parking spots as needed, and roll into association fee. That way, it’ll encourage everyone to get EV; they’re already paying for charging spots; why not get one?

A Leaf only holds $2 worth of electricity, and if you drove 60 km/day, you’d be looking at $1/day in electricity. With ICE cars, it takes money but not time to refuel; with EVs, it takes time but not money to refuel.

So it’s very handy to be able to plug in at night and wake up to a full charge. I’ll plug in to free electricity when convenient—shopping or whatever—but for literally pocket change, my main charging is at home.

Well said .I pay for my electricity and that average $23. A month in Quebec. They so cheap to run if someone don’the want to pay that cheap.

I believe we will see many more co-selling arrangements between housing and EV’s. Top quality rental properties spend lots of money trying to attract higher income, older, more responsible tenants. That demographic happens to match the current customer trends for EV’s. EV owners typically match the market demographics that high end properties want to attract. Co-marketing a property with an EV is a great way to attract a demographic that is considered highly desirable for the property. I’ve seen a ton of posts over the years about apartments and condos being a problem for EV’s. But I’ve long predicted that properties will evolve with the times to attract EV owners, and solve much of the problem themselves. Projects like this are exactly what I’ve been talking about. I think we will see more and more of these projects as EV’s grow in market share. Once a saturation point is hit, having a place to plug in a car will just become an expected feature in new rental and condo properties. Just like we’ve come to expect features like a full-size stove and refrigerator, a private bathroom, electricity, running water, telephones, etc. Yea, if you go back 100 years, you wouldn’t… Read more »

A developer in Victoria BC was possibly first in the world.
Every unit comes with built in 220 volt charger and choice of new Leaf or all electric Smart