Toroidion 1MW Concept Presented In New Video

NOV 23 2015 BY MARK KANE 8

Toroidion 1MW Concept on the go

Toroidion 1MW Concept on the go

The 1,000 kW, AWD sports car, Toroidion 1MW Concept, developed in Finland, lives on to at least see itself in this new video.

There is not much to know about this car, but we hope to see it in production…so that it can smash some ICE supercars.

With two 200 kW motors in the front and two 300 kW in the rear, there shouldn’t be much competition for this electric beast.

“Toroidion 1MW Concept is a proof-of-concept supercar powered by our revolutionary high-performance electric motors. The advanced powertrain responds instantly to generate an agile and ultimate driving experience with no emissions.”

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I wish ev makers (and ev magazines) would stop with the myth of “EV performance” being strictly how much horsepower it has.

1300 horsepower in a small car is a waste. And all the ancillaries getting it to work for a few seconds is also a waste of cash.

But its right up there with those who want 1000 kw or 2000 kw charging systems.

I say, fine, find someone who’ll pay for it.

I couldn’t agree more, I always feel this way when I see car adverts, there is no free lunch in engineering if you have twice the power you then the cost and complexity will be far higher not to mention that the car will handle poorly for your normal driving needs. There is constant pressure to increase the size, weight, top speed and 0-60 time in the auto industry. When my wife and I were first married I had a Smart car, there were just 2 of us why would we need a bigger car? It cost half as much as a “normal” car and did twice the mpg. It was perfect for our needs at the time, great to drive in town but there where constant question about my choice of car. I now drive a Leaf and the questions are here again, which is frustrating. The only problem with all this is people. Despite smart cars being far more suited to the daily driving needs of most second cars they are not popular with most urbanites buying massive SUV’s that inevitably require increasingly advanced and complex parking systems. I could go on but I won’t, the thing that… Read more »
Hey Bill, I think the Facts of EV Performance are Pretty Good – and they mostly talk about Smooth, Instant, Responsive (all to do with Torque and fine Motor Control) – and we all know that torque Gets you up to speed, and Horsepower Holds you there! And – just because – The Toroidion has 400 HP in Front and 600 Hp in back, doesn’t mean it will be like a Gasser with a Rumble stutter when it pulls up to the pumps, because it can’t idle below some silly 3,000 RPM! It seems pretty obvious to me and comparing the delivery, that the Power Loss ‘Knee’ of these mores either occurs at a higher RPM than other motors, or the Gearing is simply taller due to the Excess Power and Torque Available! And – just because they have 1,000 kW – does not mean it only comes out in 250 kW Bites! The Commuter Car T600 (2 Seat Tandem, Taller but narrower than the Handle Bars of a Honda Gold Wing!) also had dual motors – at the back end (just non at the front) and with a stack of Lead Acid Batteries at the bottom cornered like it… Read more »

Bill: Agreed on all counts.

Each time I see another of these madcap, up-the-ante, freak show revelations I just wonder where it will end.

I also wonder about the mentality of the perpetrators.
The same guys who wanted to mount a rocket on their pedal bike when they were 10, I suppose, because it would be kewl.

Then there are questions like: “Where does the money come from and why?”

Agreed, I’d be more impressed with 500 mile range and average performance. You know… the kind of performance one uses on their daily drive and the occasional weekend get away with the family.

Wow, so many weenies posting.

Give me more power, more speed and better handling. LEAF-like range is fine for me. That’ll be a fun 70 miles and that’s what I want. 🙂

How can you say EV performance is a myth???!

I’m in favor of everything that’s making ICE-cars look old.

@Robert, Well, it has 536 HP and 804 HP. But its a matter of perspective: As a teen, I liked watching 36 or 40 HP Vw Beetles run. I had no interest in 400 hp 409 cubic inch setups. Electrically, the VW wasn’t much either, the big increase from 140 watt to 210 watt bosch generators came in 1963. You just had to replace the 6 volt battery every 4 years. I’m the same way today, charging my Roadster seldom more than at a 6 or 7 kw rate, (when the car could charge at 16.8 kw) and my current GM products usually get charged at 0.95 kw rate, even though I dig out the 240 volt cord when I’m in a hurry. My basic beef with these drag races is not my interest in ‘small things’ as noted above, its just that, TOPGEAR for instance was Maligned by Musk for saying the Roadster handled somewhat poorly due to the heavy battery, which as an owner I can verify that they are correct. But here, you only see straight-line, 0-100 km performance, which is of minimal value to seeing how the car is actually going to be to live with.… Read more »