Toroidion 1 MW Electric Car Hits The Road – Video

JUN 30 2015 BY MARK KANE 3

On the go!

On the go!

Toroidion 1MW Concept unveiled at the Top Marques Monaco about two months ago had its road debut in Finland.

We discovered photo and short video, although this is just the first demo and the car is nowhere close to using its full 1 MW of power out of four motors.

There is a second video from Top Marques Monaco if you would like check the details again.

“First day on the road: Toroidion 1MW Concept car powered by the new revolutionary high-performance electric powertrain.

6th June 2015.”

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Wow, exactly where I would want to try burnouts of my new $1M toy…gravel.

Looks like a Corvette based kit car.

Looks 1000% better.
Nice, very aerodynamic body.
What’s the coefficient of drag number?

But, yes, dude, you scratched up that body already!