Calls For Tesla Gigafactory 2 To Be Built In The Netherlands


Awhile back, Tesla CEO Elon Musk stating that the Gigafactory in Nevada is but one of perhaps dozens the automaker will construct at some point in the future. This statement opened the doors for nations to begin almost begging Tesla to construct Gigafactory 2 within their borders.

The latest country to call upon Tesla is the Netherlands and it’s done so in such a way that we think puts it head and shoulders above the rest.

Introducing… is a website created in an attempt to tempt Tesla into constructing Gigafactory 2 in the Netherlands. An ample amount of thought and work went into the creation of this nifty pitch website and the end result is something that’s hard to ignore if your name happens to be Tesla.

Check out some screengrabs and a bit of the posted info from the site below:

You can check out the site in its entirety at the source link below.


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There’s quite the competition going on to get the factory. France wants it, Finland, Lithuania, India and now the Dutch also wants it. A good bargaining position for Tesla it seems.

But Dutch energy is Clean.
That should be a good bargaining chip.
That energy needs to be used, and to grow.

“But dutch energy is clean”

No it is not remotely clean. It is closer to 90% fossil.

There are few european countries that has as dirty energy as the Netherlands.

According to this article renewable energy in 2015 was 12.4%:

Government incentives will play a big part in this.

It would seem that the most important things for Gigafactory 2, will include:

How close can it be placed to ‘As Many As Possible’ of ALL the Raw Materials that are needed to build – Batteries, Motors, Electronics, and the Cars themselves;

In a place with a large, or mostly stable Solar & Wind &/or Hydro Power powered Grid.

Then, likely comes an advanced and experienced Labour Pool, (that won’t seek to Unionize?)

THEN would come the beneficial Government chipins of Tax Reductions and Benefits to company and maybe also for Labour, for a 5-10 Year time frame.

Whichever Countries can meet those items, will be the top players in the finals!

I might not have all of them in the correct Elon & JB’s Order of Priority, but I suspect, these will all be factored in to the next location of choice!

Where will they get the Lithium from?

Sorry I cannot resist…

From Lithiumia ….

Sorry again

Yes, that was awful, but it seems they want to go dutch in Holland.

I guess you are referring to some people already build Tesla Gigafactory2 in MineCraft inn Lithuania!

as a discharge I’m I great fan of Arvydas Romas Sabonis and sons. In fact my name is Sabas

FYI discharge, while you mean it as something to reveal, has a negative connotation.
So you could say it: just to let people know…etc.

That dude Elon Musk is dreaming about a factory with no workers, like seen in Minory Report. Even 17$ per hour is too much.
Thus what do the dutch want with a fully automated factory?

Of course, every company wants to cut costs

There is no such thing as a workerless factory.

Musk wants a factory without workers on the assembly line to dramatically speed up the assembly line. 5x to 10x.

Workers will be needed for maintenance, upgrades and to handle anomalies. Those workers will be paid much more than $17/hr, the current rate for entry level unskilled workers at the Fremont factory.

The dutch works the least time in Europe. Companies need to pay tax on what they produce.
Getting a lot of money and not having to work, being able to spend your time doing more important things.

Most countries are moving toward more money, better lifes and less work. Automation, robots and AI helps us get there.

“Tesla CEO Elon Musk stating that the Gigafactory in Nevada is but one of perhaps dozens the automaker will construct…”

GF1 costs Tesla and Panasonic about $5B (probably more because of latest expansion plans…) until 2020.

I don’t see them doing any new battery factory until next decade. The cap-ex buffer is just not there, they have to invest in car plants and service centers around the world as well (Model3 ramp until 2020).

This is another one of Musk’s “overpromise, underdeliver” examples.

Until after 2020? Yeah probably. They need to get the 3 out and sell a bunch of them to make some money and then it will take some time to have the different contenders outbid each other. Of course they need to prove that the first GF was a good idea in the first place, it might even end at that!

Poor tftf. I wonder why the perpetual Tesla FUDsters are getting their shorts in a bunch?

Oh… checking the stock market price history, I see Tesla’s stock is at a 19 month high! Really sucks to be so dedicated to shorting Tesla stock that you actually stay in even when the stock price is soaring, doesn’t it tftf?

I shall cry crocodile tears for the huge wodges of cash that Tesla stock shorters are losing.

No tftf, your Tesla-shorting biased statements here are another example of your personal desperation (as well as that of your fellow shorter buddies) as Tesla keeps accomplishing things like Gigafactory 1, Model 3, much less Model S’ stunning success and Model X fast-growing sales.

Must suck to be short on Tesla these days as your money slips away because Musk is positioning Tesla to be the DOMINANT player in the mid-high-end BEV market despite your delusional attempts here at FUD against the Tesla Tsunami.

I suggest you go back to reading old “Tesla Death Watch” articles by Bertel Schitt and company to make yourself feel better!

Is Bertel any relation to Jack Schitt? It’s obvious that tftf doesn’t know Jack 🙂

Norway would seem to be an ideal candidate; cleanest/cheapest energy producer, highest uptake of EV’s, stable economy & Gov’t, very high standard of living despite high taxation, falling North Sea oil production, HUGE Sovereign wealth fund, etc.
Finland is ‘next door’ and Norway has a 35% share in this new lithium mine–

BTW, high taxation leaves plenty of scope for tax breaks on EV’s…. USA has one of the lowest tax rates on ‘gas’ in the world. BAD idea.

The ideal candidate lies in between. Then you also get full access to the EU, lots of experienced engineers and workers in electrical, motor and automotive sectors and companies. And where innovation and IT/programming etc. comes natural.

And you also get to put it in the country
where Minecraft was developed, not just where some wannabies built stuff in the game. 😛

But we have enough of our own businesses so we are not desperate to court Tesla like a humpin’ virgin teenage boy who has just seen a beautiful girl for the first time. 😛