Top-Line Porsche Taycan To Be Called “Taycan Turbo”

DEC 27 2018 BY MARK KANE 87

The “Turbo” adds some $40,000 to the price

One of Porsche’s potential customers (Alex Roy) shared an e-mail from a local brand ambassador. The email contained info on the upcoming Taycan model.

The message reveals that there will be three versions of Taycan (the name stands for “lively young horse”), and base prices for each version. The top of the line version is called Taycan Turbo (say what?) and starts above $130,000.

  • Porsche Taycan – start in the low $90,000
  • Porsche Taycan 4S – from high $90,000
  • Porsche Taycan Turbo – over $130,000

* without options

The “Turbo” in the name is something normal in other Porsche models and it seems that the German manufacturer intends to use ICE nomenclature for EVs. That’s likely not a wise choice.

Porsche is currently taking $2,500 deposits. Sales should begin in about a year from now.

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How about they fire their marketing department.

All they have to do now is call it a “coupe”…

I wonder how many owners actually know what a turbo and forced induction is?

Maybe they’ll have a Supercharger option also. Then people will really be confused.

Turbo is being used extensively for many things, from processors clock to energy drinks.
Let the designation live.

Because Porsche’s customer base are the same people drinking Monster and buying turbo gaming laptops?

It is to be consistent with Porsche’s trim level naming convention.

Turbo is also used in as a general-purpose term when no turbo charger is involved.

Turbotax, Turbolax, a headline “Five cheap and easy ways to turbo-charge your PC.”

I wonder how many Porsche engineers facepalmed after hearing this.

none? There are hundreds of such expressions – like dialing a number, that are part of the language now. Except for a small set of dorks, nobody else cares.

That’s fine for things like computers – In the late 80s and early 90s, you often saw computers that had a “Turbo” button. No one was confused and thought that that meant there was an internal combustion engine with forced induction.

However, Porsche cars ARE turbocharged. So their use of turbo here is confusing. It’s going to make some people think that the Taycan Turbo is a hybrid. It’s a stupid decision on Porsche’s part that goes back to them using the “Turbo” designation meaning “top of the line”, since most (all?) of their 911’s are turbo charged.

Nobody thinks that turbos are hybrids. So, calm down. You can physically dial a number from a rotary phone and have an iPhone pick up on the other end. The iPhone can dial back without ever spinning any dials. The average person is far more adept with language and reading context than the average nerd that gets stuck on stuff like this. The same dorks who complain about stuff like this are the ones who complain that English words aren’t spelt the way they sound. Most of us with some basic socialization are just fine with how messy that gray area in language is.

No, Colin Fox put his finger on the important point here. In the context of labeling a car, the term “Turbo” clearly conveys the meaning of a turbocharged ICEngine. As Colin said, nobody is fooled into thinking a computer with a “Turbo” label has a forced-air intake helping power the thing. But putting the label “Turbo” on a BEV — especially a Porsche BEV — is not only confusing, it’s downright facepalm stupid.

“Except for a small set of dorks, nobody else cares.”

Then put me down as one of the “dorks”.

Sometimes it’s appropriate to enlarge the meaning of a word, such as “dialing” a phone when it has push-buttons instead of a dial.

Other times… this is as silly as calling the accelerator pedal on a motorcar the “buggy whip”.

Well, then you should look up the difference between a turbocharger and a supercharger. There is a reason why Tesla’s use of the existing ICE terminology is genius – they don’t have to reinvent a new word.

putting you down is something that must have crossed a lot of minds

I’m sure Tesla engineers DID facepalm when they heard that their electric tractor unit will be called a semi when there is no semi in what Tesla offers.

I bet the data analysis department determined that most sales would go to previous ICE owners and the neighborhoods they’d live in. This may be just a disguise to help Turbo-Charge sales.

I can’t tell if you’re joking or not. If you’re not, then you don’t know what the word “semi” refers to in a semi tractor-trailer rig.

From Wikipedia:

A semi-trailer truck is the combination of a tractor unit and one or more semi-trailers to carry freight. A semi-trailer attaches to the tractor with a fifth-wheel coupling, with much of its weight borne by the tractor.

I doubt anyone outside of the Teslarati will really care. The use of Turbo as a colloquialism/informally is so common now that most people will likely associate it with being the fastest and not literally think it’s got a Turbocharger.

I will still roll my eyes every time I see it like I do for the 8 million other products named turbo. “Gillette Mach 4 Turbo!”

No thumbs down from me

Yeah, but Gillette doesn’t have a 45 year nomenclature history of using the word, “Turbo.” Tradition is important to Porsche and its customers; Porsche was one of the first (the first?) to use “Turbo” as a model name, and this is a nod to that tradition.

The first to offer a turbocharged production car .

Eduardo Pelegri-Llopart

GM seems to have released several production turbocharged cars the about 10 years before Porsche —

Ford Mercury XR4Ti was also turbo charged.

Turbos appeared on a pair of General Motors (GM) models: first the Chevrolet Corvair Monza and, just weeks after, the Oldsmobile Jetfire. These were not the first forced-induction cars, however; cars including the Graham eight-cylinder (1934), Cord 812 (1937) and Studebaker Golden Hawk (1957) had already employed superchargers.

Pretty sure that was SAAB.

True, but I am still going to roll my eyes, because I am an engineer, and that is what I do when marketing uses misleading words 🙂

I’m literally rolling my eyes at you… 😉

Or did I mean figuratively…? 😀

Do Not Read Between The Lines

But it’s a car. That doesn’t have a turbocharger.

Its OK. Just don’t make the mistake of trying to read between the lines!

Porsche may have their reasons, but, everyone with mechanical knowledge will eye-roll.
Could be the Porsche buyer does not have the mechanical knowledge of the guy who fixes Porsches.

Perhaps with electrification, car sharing and transport as a service, Porsche expects “everyone with mechanical knowledge” will become obscure anachronisms in a society where robots do much of the physical work anyway.

I don’t think one needs to be a professional in automotive engineering or repair to know what the word “turbo” means when it appears on a Porsche car. I don’t even consider myself to be a “car guy”, but I know what a turbocharger is.

I also know that no BEV is going to be equipped with a turbocharger, even if it has a “Porsche” badge on it.

Pretty obviously some several of us do care, since we’ve taken the trouble to post comments objecting to the term “turbo” applied to a BEV. And I’m sure we’re not all “Teslarati”, since I wouldn’t apply that label to myself. I’m a Tesla fan, but that doesn’t mean I frequently visit the Telsarati website.

So what? I have a turbo blender and it doesn’t have a turbo charger. Though maybe the Taycan has asynchronous motors, they have (forced) induction.

I guess most people don’t care what it’s called. I’d even say, for most people turbo is just something associated with fast.

Exactly, no one raises an eyebrow at turbo vacuum cleaners.

Because there ARE no vacuum cleaners with actual turbochargers. Most of Porsche’s line has turbochargers, so this is going to make the Taycan sound like a hybrid to most people. It’s adding unnecessary confusion, and is a stupid idea.

I‘d say the amount of people that know what a turbo charger is, that are looking for an electric car, can afford the Taycan Turbo and don‘t know that it is an EV…

Maybe they can send an email to those 4 people.

Exactly right – vacuum cleaners are way more like superchargers anyway!

Information: The Taycan will not have asynchronous motors.

I remember seeing this one Turbine in 1964 in Dallas, a couple of times, they were testing it. At the time it looked very futuristic.

For those who aren’t familiar with Porsche, even the base 911 is powered by a turbo engine. Many people questioned the logic or need of the “911 Turbo” nomenclature of the top end model when every 911 is turbo. But Porsche has been consistent in their nomenclature.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

Oh, that explains it. Consistently stupid.

You mean they are consistent in only calling one of their turbo charged 911 models Turbo? Very innovative.

It reminds me of those old IBM-PC-XT.

They changed the bus speed of the motherboard from something like 5 MHz to 8 MHz and called it turbo. But not all the peripherals can handle that blazing speed, so you get a button on the PC named “Turbo”. For a long time, way past all the peripherals could take that speed and surpassed it, and there never was a reason to turn off the turbo mode, long after the motherboards went way beyond the “turbo” speed, that button on the case persisted.

Why stop with Turbo? Call it Taycan Turbo 4.0t and slap fuel injection badges all over it.

Porsche should sell it with your choice of a Members Only jacket or leg warmers ala Flash Dance.

Exactly, except they would be rebadged contemporary Levi’s pants and jackets with a leather Turbo patch – who will know!

Key point “without options” Porsche will nickel and dime every damned thing. Wondering when they are going to make the wheels and steering optional and charge you for it.

This makes me think the base model will charge slower too, it would make total marketing sense to limit 350 kW charging to the $130k model and like 175 kW on base model… Also, $90k minimum price is more than I had hoped. Those are US prices, not converted EU prices? Model 3 still looks like the deal car then. This is definitely targeting Model S with the same price range.

No thumbs down from me

“This makes me think the base model will charge slower too”

This comment makes me think its total supposition without any supporting evidence whatsoever.

They have to have something to up sell the models, wait and see what it is. If I were Porsche marketing I would say put the 350 kW charging on the $130,000 model. Just saying 🙂

Actually, charging rate is highly dependent on capacity. If there is a capacity difference between the models, the more expensive model would certainly charge faster. If the models all have the same battery they might charge the same rate or be limited artificially.

That’s why he said “This makes me think” and not “The base model will charge slower” as though it was a fact. I have absolutely no problem with people speculating when they make it obvious they are speculating. It’s the people that are speculating that try to pass it off as fact that are annoying.

Porsche vehicles are always very well equipped at the starting price level but you are saying having the choice to personalize a vehicle to your liking is a bad thing?

If they are anything like BMW they will charge for anything they think they can get money from you for. The i3 didn’t offer standard backup camera or convenience sensors (touch spots on the door handles to unlock car) on a fairly high tech and expensive car. You have to buy the backup camera, and not standalone, you have to buy the parking package which added a substantial sum to the vehicle. To get something that should have been standard and was standard on much cheaper cars (it is standard now in the US as it is required by law). The touch sensors were part of more expensive interior packages. Porsche does the same thing. They add up-sell options (even Tesla is great at doing this with AP, Premium, etc).

I3 comes with it standard.

Yeah. Now. Not initially.

This would have put a smile on Paul Walkers face…

I’m still impressed with Porsche Taycan’s price, it match up nicely with Model S.
My original estimate is a lot higher because it’s a Porsche

Even Tesla has Superchargers;-).

Agree putting this on a the car looks dumb to people that know cars. A Porsche is for someone that knows cars.

I let that one slide a bit as it is in fact a charger, and it is super (super fast). Turbo is specifically a turbine driven supercharger, but I suppose has become a word to mean “fast” because of marketing.

I loved it when Intel put Turbos on their CPU’s. The whine as the CPU spooled up. 😀

And we let “Autopilot” slide, even though, you know, it’s not.

The word “supercharge” has more than one meaning. It does not refer only to turbocharging an ICEngine.

On the other hand, “turbocharger” has a very specific and well understood meaning when applied to cars. Porsche knows that; that’s why they put the “Turbo” label on so many of their cars. Putting it on a BEV is a case of Porsche deliberately causing confusion.

Language has value only to the extent that it conveys clear, unambiguous meaning. Porsche deserves the “Tower of Babel” award here for intentionally muddying the meaning of the term “Turbo”.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

They just can’t let go.

The most interesting thing to me is the base Taycan will be RWD. Thank you Porsche! I was worried that all Taycan’s would be AWD.

I wouldn’t take that to the bank yet…….I’d be real surprised if they went out of the way to engineer two separate drive-line platforms.
My guess that all will drive both axles……as will the Audi E-tron GT.
Cost is one reason….another is simple putting that HP to four contact patches rather than two.

Why would RWD be preferable to AWD?

Don’t sports car enthusiasts have a “thing” for rear-wheel drive? They are always babbling about “drifting” and “breaking loose” the rear end of the car. I’m not a “car guy”, but isn’t it true that you can’t do that sort of thing with an AWD car unless you disable the AWD?

Because it makes a car scary.

I’m sure next year they will add a Sport version…

Maybe Porche is using a turbo fan to cool the 800 Volt system.

Kind of weird, since we learned about ICE with turbos and compressors in school when I was 10 years old. I guess that is common in Norway and probably in the rest of Europe too.

I wonder if they will use some kind of super capacitor stuff in their battery. . And then brand it as a turbo function. . Neven good to know what marketing is up too.

Maybe they have done some market research, and found that a normal name structure is what their customer base expect.

It does not really matter as long as they sell their cars, but they may change the name later. . When they get some time as an EV manufacturer.

Does anybody know if Porsche has said that ALL Taycans will have 800V batteries?
Or can we read that as
RWD, 400V @ 90000,-
AWD, 400V @ 99000,-
AWD, 800V @ 130000,-

Every Taycan will have 800V batteries and an integrated 400V DC-DC 50kW Charger

They could have sold the base car for $140K if it actually looked like the ‘E’.

Yeah. They showed the brilliant Mission-E
and the reality will look “as good as” the Panamera

It feels like having some drinks in a bar, going home with a beautiful stranger. Wake up in the morning and there is a completely different looking person..

To me this just shows traditional manufacturers can’t adapt and create something different with this new technology. If Taycan means lively horse, then why not do something interesting like Taycan Pinto, Taycan Arabian and Taycan Stallion, just a 2sec idea that builds on the horse theme.
At least with Tesla you got P=performance, the battery size in kWh and D=dual (plus underscore for Ludicrous), totally makes sense and pity they didn’t continue that in the Model 3.
Porsche, we make petrol cars and that’s the way it is, even if it is an EV!

Methinks you’re inferring way too much.

Methinks it’s Porsche which is inferring the Taycan is a gasmobile, by slapping a “Turbo” label onto it.

As “Do Not Read Between The Lines” said above, they just can’t let go.

Hope its not rubbish, in the UK Turbo was once branded on everything to make it look cool, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, hairdryers, washing products, bags and now EVs whatever next.

This complaining is just nonsense… Turbo is porsches name for the top perfoamnce line, why dont stick with it? It makes absolut sense to keep this for easy recognition. There are thousands of products who use this term and have nothing to do with turbochargers
If Tesla would have called the top model turbo there would be ZERO complaints about it…

By the way… I am no porsche expert, but isnt nearly every porsche engine turbo charged? So if this is the case its obvios that turbo dont stand as term for the engine… If you think otherwise please explain this to me…

Speaking of archaic terminology, we engineers here in the US still use the phrase “horsepower” to both describe the power from an combustion ICE engine, which most decidedly does not eat hay, and even the power from an electric motor! And despite the fact we won our independence over 200 years ago, we Yankees still reference heat as “BTU’s” which actually is an acronym for “British Thermal Units”. And light levels in an LED-lit room are still measured in “foot-candles”. And let’s not even talk about my personal industry – the HVAC trade – which still refers to an AC unit’s cooling capacity as “tons”. That actually goes back to how many tons of “ICE” it took to melt to create the same amount of cooling.

So marketers are not alone in being “stuck” on terms or phrases that no longer have literal context to the item or process described.

Awful case of “badge-ism.” Drop the name if the turbo isn’t there. Quit riding the coattails of engineers past. Create a new name. It’s time.

So, how many cubic inches does the engine in this “Turbo” have?

And how many gears does it have in the transmission?


If you start measuring anything in cubic inches you might better give up from the start.

It should be called Taycan HyperVolt

They should just call it “gimme more money” edition!

Lively young horse? There was me thinking they named it after a parrot.