Top Gear’s The Stig Signs On as Formula E Driver


The Stig

The Stig

Ben Collins, formerly known as The Stig on Top Gear, has signed on to be a driver for the Formula E racing series.

The series kicks off this fall with its first race in Beijing, China in September.

The Stig completes the list of 24 drivers (4 of which are reservists and 20 of which are “regulars”).

The full list of Formula E drivers can be found below.

Formula E Drivers

Formula E Drivers

Formula E Drivers

Formula E Drivers


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I have counted 14 former F1 Grand Prix drivers and 6 Indycar and DTM drivers. And 4 of them are sons of F1 drivers. And the Stig…
That’s fantastic! I am really looking forward to watching the first race.

It will be awsome… I hope the EV improvements will be shown on the biggest stage and that the world will see that EV’s too can do this.

The investments and the teams are big enough to make this work. It would be horrible if they just did a few races and gave the idea up.

I see a huge chance it will fail.
I do hope I am wrong, though.

It would, indeed, be horrible. And, unfortunately, there’s a high probability it will be. The Formula E organizers appear to be intent on learning the lessons of history the hard way (by ignoring them). Let’s hope they make a mid-course correction before the big money backers get disillusioned and go away yet again. See my (multiple) responses in the comments sections of the following posts for further elaboration:

It’s a wonder that Any racing series makes it, there are so many. Hope the organizers realize this and forgo early profits to allow networks to cover them nearly free, cuz (sigh) that’s what it takes – not enuf race fans to go round, TV-wise.

Alternative: Allow the races to be available on utub and let people watch That way, Google revenues are shyt, but no one has to ‘Tune In’ at a certain time for the privilege of seeing the race and further, allowing viewers to catch up and see the development of the E-series. Not that hard to avoid the results of a race, so you’re not so aware that you aren’t seeing it Live.

Sell pre-pkg coverage of the race ‘Action’ to local TV stations for free for their late-news sports (use it, don’t use it, whatever), no results no standings, “see it on utub”.

Not gonna happen, but..

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